Smoking Weed in Pot Circles




It doesn’t really matter which way you pass the hit around the circle while smoking weed. However, once you’ve started in a particular direction, make sure to keep the hit traveling the same way until everyone has had a turn. If the bowl becomes cashed before everyone gets a hit, start the next bowl where it ended during the last round, and continue to pass the hit around the circle in the same direction.


Named for of the color of fresh-packed marijuana, the “Green Hit” is the 1st hit from any pipe or bowl. Consider offering someone else in your circle the green hit of every bowl you load. This is like holding the door open for someone, or letting an elevator empty before you get on: it’s not necessary, but it does show that you’ve got considerable style.


Also known as “rotating the bowl,” cheating the green is an advanced technique used in situations when you accidentally torch all the green on your 1st hit.  In this circumstance it would be appropriate to expose more fresh marijuana by flipping some of the bottom weed onto the to top of the bowl.  In this manner, the bowl can still be passed and cornered while leaving a green hit for all.


As the bowl goes around the circle, some people may not want to smoke. Nevertheless, you should offer these people the choice to smoke each time the bowl reaches them. It’s a mistake to assume that because they didn’t want a hit last round, they don’t want a hit this round. Even if you know a particular person doesn’t smoke, they might feel left out if you continuously skip them without offering the hit.


In most cases it’s appropriate to take only one or two “tokes” (hits) from a pipe or joint before passing it on: this is known as “puff-puff-pass.” By following this rule, you ensure that nobody smokes more than his or her share and that no one waits too long between each turn.


Sometimes, it’s practical to take three or four long drags before passing the hit. The custom of taking multiple hits before passing a pipe or joint is called “euro-style.” This is a great way for small groups to smoke when there are no pressing time limits.


Cutting into a session is very tricky business. If you jump in at the wrong time you could lose your chance to become a part of the circle. Rather than just butting in, try to be smooth about it. For example:

Tell a story. Get the people in the circle interested, and then work your way into the session once you’ve got their attention.

Load a bowl of your own. When the circle is large and you have your own weed, load a fresh bowl and you may jump in anywhere. (This is like a free ticket to cut in anytime you like.)

Bring something to the session. Having something to offer those in the circle will make it easier for you to become part of the circle (for example, munchies, a joke, or creamed corn).

If you are smooth enough, nobody will remember that you weren’t part of the circle to begin with. Be patient, and good luck!


If you don’t get a good hit, or you know the next hit won’t be good, don’t pass the bowl. Ash hits are dirty and they won’t get you high. Instead, hand the pipe or bong back to the person who’s loading the weed. When you’re not quite sure if the bowl is totally cashed, blow lightly across the top of the bowl. This will send the ash flying, but will leave the bud intact. (Don’t attempt this while indoors.)


When you pack a bowl beyond the lip of the bowl itself, you have created a salad bowl.  When you load a salad bowl, you form a big domed-shaped ball of weed that sticks out above the bowl.  This technique is most appropriate when sharing one bowl amongst four or more people.

The downfall to packing a salad bowl is that you must often repack the bowl during the 1st few hits to keep the weed from expanding further out of the bowl.  Therefore, this technique is best left to advanced tokers only.



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