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Are you having trouble finding the ultimate pipe to meet your smoking needs? Well, if you can’t find it, build it. Most shops that sell metal pipes also have a Tbox or two of separate pipe pieces for sale. But before you go inventing some useless creation, here are a few helpful hints:

Don’t make your pipe too short. A pipe that is too short is called a “lip burner.” And for good reason.  When “sparking” (igniting) the bowl of a small pipe, the lighter comes too close to your face. (If the flame gets too close, you can say goodbye to your eyelashes.) Also, with a shorter pipe, your hits will be more brutal, because the smoke doesn’t have time to cool down before entering your lungs.

Don’t make your pipe too long. When a pipe is too long, it’s hard to carry around. If you need to hide it quickly, your pipe should fit in your pocket.

Choosing an elbow joint. Another thing to consider is a flat elbow joint (Figure 2.1).  A flat elbow will give your pipe a nice stable surface on which to sit. With a round elbow joint, your pipe is more likely to tip over and spill the bud.Pipe Etiquette - Elbow Joint

Choosing a bowl. When choosing a bowl (Figure 2.2), think about the number of people who will be sharing your pipe. For larger groups, you’ll want to use a bigger bowl.Pipe Etiquette - Bowl

Building with a chamber. If you build your pipe with a long chamber (Figure 2.3), it can be used to “resonate” (strengthen and concentrate) your weed. But keep in mind: it may become harder to hit the pipe once the chamber-weed is resonated.Pipe Etiquette - Chamber

Make your pipe airtight.  should be used at any point where you have metal to metal contact. These small rubber rings help to create an airtight seal between the pieces.

Your pipe must have style. You can standout from the crowd by owning the pipe that everybody wants to smoke from. Buy the best pieces you can find and create a unique, yet functional, smoking device.


Make sure to clean your pipe on a regular basis. Every so often, give your pipe a bath in rubbing alcohol or some other cleansing solution, such as those sold in “head shops” (marijuana paraphernalia  stores). To achieve the best results, disassemble every piece and then let each soak overnight. (Soaking will allow the solvent enough time to loosen the resin.) Then, after soaking, clean the piece as best you can, paying special detail to the mouthpiece (Figure 2.4) and elbow joint. After you have finished cleaning, rinse off the pieces and put them back together. Once again, you can enjoy a superior hit from your clean-ass pipe.Pipe Etiquette - Mouthpiece


There are countless smoking pipes available for your smoking pleasure, each created to fit a specific need or want. Some pipes are designed to provide a smooth “hit” while others are intended to be easily hidden out of site (“stashed.”) Some pipes are inexpensive and designed to be disposable while some are made from the highest quality materials and cost a pretty penny. Pipes can be fashioned from virtually any material and come in limitless designs. Regardless of your situation, there is pipe to meet your specific needs. But regardless of the pipe style you choose for your smoking pleasure, please be sure to smoke with style.


One way to keep your pipe smoking great is to change the screens (Figure 2.5) on a regular basis. Screens always seem to develop small holes that let ash through the pipe and into  your mouth. Also, replacing the screens frequently will save you time in the long run, because you will not have to clean the entire pipe as often. It’s not a good idea, however, to use a screen from your faucet or screen door. Both are more costly and more difficult to replace than genuine pipe screens. Next time you’re in a head shop, buy a dozen or so extra screens. That way, you can replace them when necessary.Pipe Etiquette - Screen


Do you remember when your kindergarten teacher taught you to hand the scissors “handle side out?” Good, because when you’re having a session with your buddies, the pipe’s bowl can get extremely hot. Of course, there aren’t any handles on a pipe, so it has become common practice to pass it “nipple first.” Simply stated – hand the pipe with the mouthpiece facing the next smoker, even when the bowl isn’t hot.


Glass is another option to consider when looking for the perfect pipe. Listed below are several advantages and disadvantages to owning a glass pipe (Figure 2.6).Pipe Etiquette - Glass Pipes


Heat. Glass pipes don’t heat up like metal pipes.

Smoke. You can watch the smoke as it fills the chamber.

Taste. Marijuana smoke tastes better from a glass pipe. (Just as beer tastes better from a bottle than from a can.)

Color. Many glass pipes become richer in color with extended use.


Cost. Glass pipes are more expensive than metal pipes.

Breakable. While most glass pipes can take a knock or two, they will shatter if dropped hard enough.

Replacement parts. Glass pipes are one solid piece of glass. If you chip the pipe, you have to buy a new one.

Harder to clean. Because you can’t take a glass pipe apart, they are often harder to clean the metal pipes.

BUD SAYS: Given the choice, choose glass over metal!


If you’re offered the “green hit” (first hit), take it, but don’t light the entire bowl. You can take a nice hit and still leave most of the green intact. This is called “cornering the bowl.” Hold the lighter at the end of the bowl and suck the flame towards one corner of the weed. If the bowl is packed, there should be enough green for three or four people. (This tip is most appreciated with smoking expensive marijuana.)


Vaporizers work by heating your marijuana to the exact “vaporizing” temperature of the active chemicals. The THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and cannabinoid’s (like CBN) will actually vaporize into a thin mist. After this “mist” is vaporized, the active chemicals are captured in a small glass chamber and are ready to be inhaled.

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