Sweet Island – Pink is Your Best Friend

Friday, October 29th, 2021
Sweet Island

Sweet Island is an Indica dominant hybrid that is extremely popular in the medical and recreational marijuana industry. It is eighty percent Indica and twenty percent Sativa. You might not have noticed the popular strain for sale in your local dispensary, because it does fall under a few different names such as “Island Pink” and “Island Pink Kush”. 


Those who like Indica dominant hybrids are going to love this strain. It is a cross between Pink Kush, a well known Indica, and Island Sweet Skunk, a powerful Sativa. Users who indulge in this popular strain will get the best of both worlds. If you smoke or vape the strain, you will notice the effects almost immediately. It provides an intense high that often suits frequent tokers. The user’s thoughts often become sharper, which is great for those wanting to increase creativity. However, these feelings don’t last long, because after a while the Indica properties will start to take effect. After some time you can expect to feel lethargic, and it can feel almost dreamlike. Because the strain is extremely potent, “newbies” will want to tread carefully before trying large amounts of the strain. Even tiny amounts of the powerful strain can make people very high, and the high can be hard to control. 


What Does it Look and Smell Like?

Pink Island produces some of the most beautiful flowers in the cannabis industry. The purple and bright green leaves make the plant stand out. The buds are covered in orange hairs and light crystals. The odor of the flowers is what makes the bud so distinct. It produces a strong fruity smell like no other strain. However, it’s hard to put a finger on the taste of the strain. There is no real distinctive flavor when you try the strain initially, nor is there any distinctive aftertaste either. 


The weed tends to produce a thin smoke, which can cause chest problems for some users. This is often down to the strong mixture of flavors. If you are having difficulty smoking the strain, you should consider making edibles or vaping it instead, especially if you are using it for medicinal purposes. Some patients need large amounts of the strain for it to make an impact. Smoking several joints, one after the other can prove challenging, especially if you are not keen on smoking, so putting the weed in food might be an easier method of getting the cannabis into your bloodstream. 


Growing Sweet Island

Sweet Island originated from Vancouver Island but is popular in marijuana dispensaries all around the world today. Although it is possible to grow Sweet Island indoors, you will want to have plenty of room because it is known to have an aggressive stretch when it starts to flower. You can produce a high yield with this strain, especially if you have lots of experience growing Indica plants. It can grow in wet climates, as its flowers can resist mold. It is of vital importance that you support the buds once they start to develop. During the final stages of flowering, the buds tend to get a lot heavier, and if you don’t support them the plant might get damaged. 


Growing Sweet Island plants is not as difficult as growing other strains, so it might be worth looking at if it is your first time growing cannabis. However, you might want to ask an experienced harvester for assistance during the final stages. You can expect the plant to start flowering after seven weeks. 


Health Benefits

The strain can calm the user down, so if you lead a stressful lifestyle, this might be the strain for you. Those with sleep disorders often turn to the island pink strain because it promotes a good night’s sleep. Those suffering from depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders might find relief by using the herb. Those in physical pain can also try using the strain for pain relief, which is why so many arthritis sufferers use the strain. It can increase the user’s appetite, so it is great for those who want to put on a few pounds. If you experience headaches during the daytime, the strain can help reduce the feeling. Nausea will fade away almost instantly after using it. 


Although Sweet Island originated from Canada, it can be found in both online and physical dispensaries everywhere. It has high levels of THC, which is one of the reasons it has grown in popularity in recent years. It can produce levels of up to twenty percent in THC. Due to its popularity and the large demand for the product in the medical marijuana industry, several dispensaries sell edibles with traces of Sweet Island in them. If you are based in Canada, you should have no problems finding the strain, especially in dispensaries in Vancouver.

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