3 Tried-And-Tested Options For Passing A Weed Drug Test

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021
Drug Test

When applying for a job, some employers will need you to undergo a marijuana test. This might be required for various reasons. For instance, if the company has a strict no-drug policy, failing a cannabis examination would make you an unfit candidate. Also, if the position you’re applying for requires high coordination levels like machine operation, a drug test might be necessary. 

There are several other instances when marijuana tests are needed. For example, before participating in any athletic competition, some authorities like the anti-doping agencies will test sportspeople for weed and other substances. Also, some companies perform random tests on their employees to make sure they’re complying with the set rules. Besides that, some schools and colleges might also conduct weed examinations on learners or staff members to prevent drug abuse in the institution.


How Long Does Weed Stay In One’s Body?

When you take marijuana, traces of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) will be left in your fat cells. These deposits are then carried into the bloodstream, making THC detectable during blood, saliva, urine, and hair tests. 

However, the amount of time cannabis stays in one’s body will depend on certain factors. These may include a person’s frequency of use, hydration levels, and how quickly one’s system processes THC. Besides these, the amount of THC in weed and the duration since the last use can also determine how long cannabis stays in a person’s system.


How To Pass A Cannabis Drug Test

If you’re required to undergo a weed test and are worried about passing it, there are certain things you could do to make sure you come out clean. If you’re looking for such tactics on the internet, be cautious. Some sources might not offer reliable information. 

This article combines some tried and tested options you could try to make research easier for you. These include:

  • Natural Cleansing

Natural cleansing involves taking a break from weed. Despite the availability of several other methods to get rid of marijuana in your body, not using cannabis is the best way to pass a drug test for cannabis

If you’re looking for a job, it might be good to take a break from weed as early as possible. This way, you’ll give your system more time to get rid of any available traces. It might take one or two months for you to be fully clean of weed using this method or it might even take 90 days. Therefore, if you’re required to take a random test, this tactic might not be effective. However, other methods listed below might help. 



closeup of a label-shaped chalkboard with the text time to detox written in it, placed on the branch of a pine tree

  • Same-Day Detox Drinks

When shopping for detox drinks, you’ll find a large variety available in the market. However, among all those products, consider same-day cleansers if you’re about to undergo a random weed examination. These not only stimulate your system’s natural cleansing process but also create a narrow window for your urine to test clean.

When buying a detox drink, consider genuine products from reputable sellers. This is because some commodities can overdilute your urine. If this happens, your sample might lose the proper pH levels, color, uric acid, and creatinine amounts needed for a weed test. 

  • Detox Kits

Detox kits might also help you pass your cannabis examination. In most kits, you’ll find pills, dietary fibers, and beverages. All these can help increase your body’s THC removal rate without affecting the indicators necessary for a urine test. 

Usually, detox kits help remove all THC in the body and might work within 5-10 days, giving you quicker and more effective results. However, when buying any products, ensure you get those made with nutritional additives. These might help to boost your body’s natural detoxification process. In addition, they might also be suitable if you’re taking prescription medication. However, ensure you first consult your doctor.


Types Of Cannabis Tests

Usually, cannabis tests work differently. Some take a while to detect weed, while others are quicker. Additionally, some may identify cannabis that has been in the body for a shorter period and others for a longer time. Also, some might be more accurate than others.  

That said, there are four common types of weed tests. These are the: 

  • Urine Test

Urine tests are more common in marijuana evaluations. These could detect weed that has been in the body for 7-45 days. 

  • Blood Test

In most cases, a blood test is conducted when a urine examination isn’t productive. However, this type is not so common because it takes longer and requires more sophisticated tools. 

That being so, blood tests might detect weed that has been in the body for 45-60 days. Also, with the right equipment, they may be more effective than others.

  • Saliva Test

Among other methods, saliva tests are the least common. Usually, they’re used mainly by government agencies or traffic police. However, they’re more accurate and might detect weed that has been in the body for 1-29 days, as saliva might store weed as soon as it’s consumed.

  • Hair Test

Hair tests are becoming more popular each day. These use advanced technologies and can detect weed that has been in the body for 90-120 days. That being so, these examinations are slower and might sometimes not be accurate.


Closing Thoughts 

If you’re required to take a cannabis test for work, school, or other reasons, you shouldn’t worry. There are some steps you could take to ensure you come out clean. In this article, you’ll find three tried and tested options you could try. As provided above, you can consider same-day detox drinks, natural cleansing, or detox kits. That said, your choice will depend on your preference and when your test will take place.

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