The Most Popular Hemp Cigarettes in 2021

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021
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Hemp cigarettes have now become really popular owing to more and more people using it for various purposes. They are sold in packs of 20 just like cigarettes but do not contain any tobacco. This is the reason why hemp cigarette is so much in vogue these days. More and more people are now giving up smoking due to the health hazards. Although smoking tobacco is a habit which is not easy to give up, trying does count, doesn’t it? This is another situation where hemp cigarettes are really useful. Want to understand why? Well, let’s take a look!

What is a Hemp Cigarette ?

Sold in a pack of 20, hemp cigarettes contain what we call as smokable hemp made from hemp or CBD strains that are of superior quality. There is no use of tobacco so chances of getting addicted is comparatively lower.

The THC content in a hemp cigarette is on the lower side of the spectrum, therefore you do not really experience any high as it happens while smoking marijuana. As far as drug tests go, it is advisable that you don’t smoke these before taking a drug test as it will show and you’ll fail.

But if you are someone who is not about to take a drug test then this is the product for you. The high is mellow and the experience is just like smoking a cigarette. Everything, from the shape, size to the form of hemp cigarettes, it’s all like taking a nice, long puff.

Are There Any Risks?

Some research has also indicated that the risks associated with smoking hemp is far lower than smoking a tobacco laden cigarette. This is the reason why people who want to give up smoking or the ones whose health does not allow them to smoke tobacco are turning towards this product.

The common factor between a hemp cigarette and a tobacco one is that they both give the consumer the same experience. Both of them are smoked in a rolled form. However, the health hazard is considerably reduced! That being said, let’s look at some of the most popular hemp cigarettes in the market!

1. CRÈME By Sugar Hemp Cigarette

CRÈME By Sugar Hemp Cigarette are one of the most popular hemp cigarettes in the market. They come in a pack or carton and are pre rolled just like a normal cigarette. The filter is really nice and gives you a smooth texture when you bump one. The CBD content is around 1000mg’s which is perfect. You know what’s the sweetest spot? Well, they are available in many flavours like mint, vanilla, and sweet. You can also get the unflavoured one.

2. CBD American Shaman Smokes

If you are looking for a premium hemp cigarette then CBD American Shaman Smokes is the right product for you. It comes in multiple varieties and flavours, namely, grape, cherry, mint, and the original one. They are available in a pack of 20 and can be easily bought online. The American Shaman Smokes are made from fine American hemp and have a smooth flavour taste. It’s not very overwhelming when you smoke as it contains less than 0.3 % of THC.

3. Diesel Puff

With 0.6 grams of bud in each of these cigarettes, the Diesel puff is another amazing product. It is much similar to the Soul Diesel about which the hemp smokers know about. The fragrance of the product has a sour take on gas, earth and pine flavours. Made with CBD hemp flower, each cigarette contains 0.6 grams of bud and the total cannabinoids amount to around 124 mg. The product is well balanced and gives the user what he/she is looking for.

4. LuckyLeaf Cigarettes

LuckyLeaf hemp Cigarettes are the most common hemp cigarettes and can be found in almost all smoke shops. You can also find it in packs 0f 10 which is cheaper in comparison to what is sold on packs of 20. This makes them more affordable and for first time users is a definite incentive. It has around 75mg of CBD in it which makes it a fine product

if you want to relax and have fun. The soothing taste is familiar and not too hard on your taste buds. Also, Luckyleaf Cigarettes use the same type of paper as in normal cigarettes so if you want to be discreet then get this product.

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