Explore The Top Cannabis Travel Destinations and Be Happy as You Recharge

Monday, August 16th, 2021

As somebody said, “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us,” one seeks to experience more life through traveling. Traveling makes you move out of your comfort zone and makes you more responsible, ensuring your inner peace as you explore more cultures, geographies, and people. Cannabis travel is no different. It grants you an opportunity to tour the world and experience more serene environments as well as like-minded cannabis-curious travelers.

You can choose where your next cannabis adventure takes you, a place where you will have an unforgettable experience. However, it’s advisable to avoid traveling with edibles and cannabis since airports apply federal laws prohibiting cannabis possession and use. Hence be safe by preventing traveling with cannabis products to the airports and other federally controlled areas.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle provides one of the leading marijuana experiences in the world. Washington access and use of cannabis to persons at least 21 years old. However, it would help if you do not open or consume cannabis products in public places, and you should only accessthem through licensed retail outlets. For your cannabis stock up, you can visit any of the licensed retail markets, such as the Evergreen market in Seattle.

  • Biking Experience, Nature Cannabis getaway, and Food in Seattle

Seattle city has a community of bikers and many convenient bike rental companies. You can easily hire a bike and bounce onto it. The city has plenty of bike lanes which helps you enjoy your biking experience. You can even enjoy a longer biking trail, as a cannabis nature getaway, with Burke-Gilman biking trail, which you can use to access ferries or the Pike Place Market, one of the few authentic markets in the U.S. The Pike Place Market will grant you a good food experience and a beautifulflower experience as well as street entertainers. Seattle holds an exceptional place for coffee; the coffee shops will keep you caffeinated.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has hundreds of quality cannabis shops where you can purchase cannabis products over the counter and consume them, making it one of the most desirable cannabis travel destinations. Hosting the world’s leading cannabis competition, The High Times Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam offers one of the best world cannabis experiences. However, the cannabis cup has moved to several states in the U.S. The High Times Cannabis cup includes other activities; music, educational seminars, and the cannabis products expo. Amsterdam holds its cannabis cup every November. However, it’s important to note that in the Netherlands, the purchase and use of cannabis are only allowed in government-regulated coffee shops. 

Amsterdam is more conducive due to its incredible museums, parks, and magnificent architecture.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver has what they refer to as a safe space, where consumers of cannabis bring and consume cannabis. The cannabis space in Vancouver is associated with activist Marc Emery. Some tour companies will also help you get a cannabis card from the top registered dispensaries for your medical cannabis while on travel.

A visit to Hasting Street will allow you to experience how deep cannabis culture is in Vancouver. Hasting street hosts B.C marijuana party headquarters, a political party that has had candidates locally and federally. You will feel the scent of marijuana in these streets. Herb museum will give you the deep history of marijuana at a small access fee.

Oakland, California

Oakland boasts of its cannabis college, which offers bud tending certification, commercial extraction, and manufacturing of cannabis courses and the business of cannabis courses, among others. Oakland or Oaksterdam also boasts of its many friendly pot shops and many cannabis equipment stores where you can easily access quality vaporizers and other equipment.

You will find medical marijuana dispensaries in Oakland that provide marijuana and other services such as free acupuncture, yoga, and massage to their clients. One such is the Berkeley Patients Group. The quality services and easy availability of pot-friendly coffee shops make Oakland a top cannabis travel destination globally.

Negril Jamaica

Jamaica has a culture that promotes the usage of marijuana, although cannabis is technically illegal in Jamaica. However, medical marijuana is legal in Jamaica, and the state has also decriminalized small amounts of cannabis. Despite the legal challenge, cannabis is plenty in Jamaica and cheap due to laxity by law enforcers and the culture that promotes its usage.

Negril is among the top cannabis travel destinations due to its association with deep cannabis culture, reggae music culture, abundant sunshine, drinks, and beaches.


Cannabis travel is becoming popular as awareness concerning cannabis products improves. You need to plan your journey and choose your next destination. A single visit will not quench all your thirst; it’s, therefore, advisable to make more trips as different destinations have different cultures and experiences. One is never enough! Let’s do it more and more as you enjoy your cannabis responsibly.

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