Understanding PG and VG ratios in e-liquids

Thursday, July 29th, 2021
PG and VG

Vaping has busted the doors on popularity and widespread implementation. From recreational activities to medicinal use, vape pens and vape juices have found a stern place in the market. Although the actual vape pen components, vape juice composition, and vaping experience are a hush, you will see the increasing interest of the vapers to utilize e-liquid to its maximum potential. Hence the extra cash is on the e-juice brands that provide vape liquids that are potent, flavorful and reduce the maintenance of the vape pens. The best e-liquid brand in the market has mastered the e-juice component composition of the substance, natural/alcohol carrier, and additives for flavors. 

But, What are e-liquids?

E-liquids, or vape juices, are utilized in vape pens heated to produce vapors for the vaper to inhale. They mirror the effects of smoking the substance but not quite like inhaling the smoke from the burnt elements. You are saved from the harmful microparticles that enter your throat when you burn cigarettes and blow in the smoke. 

E-liquids contain a part of the substance you want to consume, for example, nicotine or CBD oil and carrier, present to absorb the heat and turn the substance into vapors to be inhaled with the mouthpiece of the vape pens. Carriers are usually MCT oil in CBD, propylene glycol (or PG), or vegetable glycerin (or VG) as they have a low vaporization point and can retain temperature at that point for a consistent period. The best e-liquid brand has a balance between all the elements included in the vape juice. 

What are the elements used in vape juice?

  • Vegetable glycerin

VG is organic that can be extracted from plants and animals or formulated in the labs. But due to its organic composition, it has slightly less shelf life.

  1. It is slightly sweeter, and you can feel it when using it. Sweet Tooths appreciate it, while some people would categorize it as a drawback as the original flavors are coated. It also has no throat hit and is very smooth and elegant in experience.
  1. VG is famous among cloud chasers to blow out smoke to create patterns and effects as it creates denser clouds.
  1. It is thicker and less dense. As a result, it produces waste particles when heated and clogs up the coils. Wicks find it difficult to absorb VG liquid, and hence, vapors are slightly delayed. They are not advisable for old gen vape pens.
  1. VG takes longer to steep (i.e., aging of the vape juice for more flavors).

But people who have an irritation reaction to PG tend to switch to VG, which displays no allergic reaction but only phlegm building in some of the users.

  • Propylene glycol

An organic compound produced chemically that is odorless, colorless/clear liquid, and is mixed with the elements to produce vapors when heated. While the functions of PG and VG are the same, they differ in the results and properties, which sets them apart from each other.

  1. PG is tasteless and hence can carry the flavors of the elements so well. It does not contribute any attributes of their own to the vaping experience of the vaper, considering taste-wise.
  1. PG is known for its throat hit, not unlike cigarettes that produce throat burn and are associated with irritation for some people but close to authentic nicotine experience for others. It is the best switch if you are quitting smoking. It depends on your preference. But PG gives you stronger flavors that many love.
  1. Propylene Glycol works well in cartomizers and tanks as they have low viscosity and are thinner inconsistency. They give out fewer smokes but leave no gunk behind, keeping your vape pens functioning for longer. Hence, they are easier to refill and for cleaning the tank after use.
  1. It is slightly temperature resistant and requires more heat to get started, but the vape wick quickly absorbs PG and can produce vapors early, and hence you don’t have to wait long for consequent smoke inhale.
  1. As PG is a chemically synthesized compound, it has a longer shelf life.

Both VG and PG are FDA-approved and safe for consumption and are used in various other edibles on the market.

  • Flavors

These are additives and differ from brand to brand. You may choose whichever flavor you want from the variety available at each store; it plays no role in the effects but has a lot to do with the taste in your mouth.

  1. Cannabinoids present: vaping e-juice is famous for the freedom of choice it offers. You can choose to vape nicotine, CBD, or other medicinal vape juices. But since nicotine is still unsafe for consumption, CBD is the best available, legal option for vapers.
  2. You can choose your CBD from the two available sources of either hemp-derived CBD or cannabis-derived CBD. It is vital to choose your CBD sources, as it directs the THC(the psychoactive element) composition in vape juice.
  • CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD, which is legal, beneficial, and highly recommended for medicinal purposes of pain relief, insomnia and seizures. CBD is either consumed in its Full spectrum, Broad spectrum, or Isolated form, each having a varied composition of CBD, THC, terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.

The ratio of VG and PG

While deciding PG vs. VG, you must consider the above differentiating factors and choose the concentration accordingly. 

  1. 100% VG: smooth, dense, and thick; it produces a sweet taste and well coats the flavors. 
  2. 70% VG / 30% PG: lots of vapors and tiny throat hit; this concentration gives you a smooth vaping experience: the best of both worlds.
  3. 50% VG / 50% PG: recommended for beginners to cloud chasing; this one is for when you are new to the art of smoke and vapors. It provides a throat hit, dense fog, and a lot of it.  
  4. 20% VG / 80% PG: it is useful when switching from PG to VG and is unsure about the effects and quantity. 
  5. 100% PG: it gives you a throat hit, vapors, and an experience close to nicotine smoking. 


For choosing the correct ratio of VG to PG, you must know what you are buying into. With a complete guide on which carrier produces what effect, you can distinguish the vaping experience with different concentrations of e-liquid and know precisely how to switch the composition accordingly. You must experiment and try out the extraordinary, play with flavors and concentration to help exact your brew. Everything depends on you when choosing the vape juice for your vape pens.

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