Top Tips to Help Keep Weed Fresh

Friday, July 23rd, 2021
keep weed fresh

Sourcing a top-quality cannabis provider is no easy feat. It takes a fair bit of research, and you also need to know what you’re looking for. But if you’re a newbie to the world of cannabis, any seasoned pro will tell you that storage is where your real worries should lie. 

Contrary to how it looks, cannabis is not a vegetable — you simply cannot store it in the bottom drawer of your refrigerator and hope for the best. It’s a sensitive plant that deserves a little TLC in order to maximize its shelf life (and potency). 

Here’s how to keep weed fresh. 


1. Always Opt For a Glass Jar (With a Lid)

This is hands-down the most fool-proof way to store weed. A glass jar with a well-fitted lid creates the ideal environment to keep your weed fresh. It’s airtight and mostly immune to fluctuations in humidity. This means there’s no room for microbial growth, such as mold spores. 

Look for a glass jar with a lid that has a rubber seal for the best air-tight fit. Make sure to check your glass jars regularly for any build-up of sweat from your weed buds. Always wipe them down and ensure they’re completely moisture-free. 

Heard about Smokus Focus? Check them out for custom storage jars. 


2. Medicine Bottles Are a Good Second Option

Your standard pill bottle — the orange plastic kind with the white lid — is also a good option for weed storage. The simple reason for this is that these pill bottles are designed to keep medication fresh and in-date. 

They’re also designed to keep their contents dry, and free from contaminants. Which is the ideal environment for weed. They’re also hardy, easy to store, and the tinted plastic covering protects your weed from harsh light. 



3. Keep Weed Fresh With Minimal Heat Exposure

While light is something you want to avoid when storing your weed, heat is just as detrimental. The cannabis plant contains compounds known as terpenes which influence the aroma, flavor, and color of your weed. 

But when your weed sits at a high temperature, these terpenes start to break down. As a result, your weed could lose its potency over time. If you start to notice yellowish/brown spots on your buds, this is a sign of heat stress. 

The same goes for very cold temperatures which can cause your buds to become brittle. Ideally, you want to store your weed out of direct sunlight, in a cupboard that hovers around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It’s also important to take note of the strain of weed you’re storing. For example, Sativa tends to prefer warmer temperatures, while Indica prefers cooler temperatures, etc. 

4. Don’t Contaminate the Storage Container 

Weed is a plant that enjoys being alone. It does not store well with other items such as other fruits or vegetables. You may hear some people suggest the addition of orange or lemon peel to your storage containers to assist your bud in regaining moisture.  That’s a no-go! 

All in all, putting additional items inside your weed storage containers only introduces contaminants. And this could quickly become a breeding ground for microbial growth — something you want to avoid. 

Beef Up Your Cannabis Knowledge 

So there are four key fundamentals on how to keep weed fresh: use an air-tight container, keep your buds dry, and minimize heat and contaminant exposure.

If you found this article helpful and want to broaden your knowledge of cannabis, CBD products, edibles, or concentrates, explore the rest of this site for more.

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