Switching to an Electric Dab Rig/Nail: Benefits of Not Using a Torch

Friday, July 23rd, 2021

Dabbing is a popular way to consume cannabis, but if you are on the go and don’t want to carry around a torch with you, then an electric dab rig may be right for you.

What is Dabbing?

Traditional dabbing is basically heating the nail of your dab rig with a blowtorch until it glows red hot. However, the benefits of not using a torch and being able to use an electronic device include saving time, money and energy.

An electric rig that can heat up in seconds instead of waiting for minutes for your torch to get hot enough is more than enough reason for many to make the switch.

As long as you have access to an outlet to charge your vaporizer, switching to an electronic device is an easy transition.

How Do E-Rigs Work?

The technology behind an e-rig or portable vaporizer is simple. It makes it extremely simple to vaporize on the go.

Electric dab rigs are portable, and consist of a controller unit that heats the coil which is in contact with your dab nail. Or if you are using a e-rig, the nail itself of the heating chamber is connected to the controller unit inside of your device.

These electric displays allow for complete and total temperature control, giving users the ability to regulate the amount of heat in their dab rigs with a touch of a button or dial so they can enjoy the experience on vaporizing on-the-go.

Some companies are continuing to improve this technology over the years, like Dr. Dabber for example.

Benefits of Switching

The benefits of not using a torch are:

  • Temperature control- This is definitely the biggest benefit for most dabbers. Certain terpenes and cannabinoids are best consumed at certain temperatures. With an electronic dab rig, you are able to easily choose what temperature to take your dab at, and can change it very easily.
  • Saving time, which is precious for on the go smokers
  • Long term cost savings because electronic devices last longer than multiple torches
  • Not inhaling butane – Butane can be a pretty harmful chemical to inhale, so if you take hotter dabs, it’s probably best for you to switch to electric.

Electric dab rigs are also great for those who live somewhere where you can’t use a torch. Another reason to consider an electric rig is the safety it can offer. Nobody getting high should be playing with a blowtorch anyways.

The Cons

Some dabbers prefer the classic torch and nail method compared to using a vaporizer, so there are some downsides, depending on your situation.

– Requires a power outlet if you want it charged and ready- Some people might find it annoying to remember to charge their portable device.

– Takes time to adjust – Some people might find it difficult to regulate the heat and turn down or off if they take big dabs normally with a torch. However, this is just a learning curve because the temperature control offered by portable vaporizers help you dab more efficiently in the long run.

Wrap up:

A traditional torch doesn’t always work well if you’re on the go, because the nail might cool before it reaches ideal temperature levels and lost a lot of its potency.

A portable vaporizer offers an elegant solution for this problem by allowing users to control all aspects of their session.

Ultimately, whether you should grab an electric dab rig or not depends on how often you use cannabis and what is your chosen method of ingestion. A few hundred dollars might seem like a lot up front, but it will be worth it if you use your rig frequently.

For those who partake in cannabis with others, these devices are good for social gatherings and often more hygienic than other methods of consumption. 

It seems that concentrates are increasing in popularity, and this is primarily due to legalization in many areas of the U.S., as well as increased availability. This means that technology is continuing to advance as well, so electronic dabbing options will continue to improve over time.

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