The Longevity of Metal Smoking Pipes

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021
Metal smoking pipe

Smoking is a very personal experience, and every smoker has a preference for smoking accessories. While some cannabis consumers are happy with basic accessories, many want something to cherish and keep in their collections. Cannabis consumers seeking robust and resilient accessories tend to shy away from conventional glass pieces and gravitate toward metal smoking pipes. That’s because metal smoking pipes offer durability, travel well, and have unbeatable longevity. Discover more about the longevity of metal smoking pipes, why they are more sustainable, and what metals are best.


Longevity and sustainability


With growing concerns about the environment and more people evaluating how they consume, it only seems logical that we choose our smoking accessories with intention. Opting for quick, easy, or cheap accessories often means more waste and more trash in landfills. Therefore, selecting durable smoking accessories is also a vote for sustainability, which is one of the biggest reasons why longevity matters. As the old saying goes: you buy cheap, you buy twice. Sometimes, paying a little more for a metal smoking pipe can feel like pulling teeth, but it should be viewed as an investment rather than a punishment.


The lifespan of metal smoking pipes


The longevity metal pipes offer can’t be beaten — honestly, we’re talking about LONG lifespans here! Even though there may be signs of age, and they may need a good cleaning to restore their functionality, these pipes will just keep on keeping on. Since metal smoking pipes are sturdy and durable, they stand the test of time, meaning they can take anything you throw at them. You can count on metal smoke pipes to be there through thick and thin. Nonetheless, we have to note that some types of metal keep their shine and stylish aesthetic longer than others.


Best metals for a long-lasting pipe


For smokers looking for more affordable metal smoking pipes, aluminum metal smoking pipes are often big contenders. Unfortunately, while this metal continues to work long after its purchase, its low quality means it doesn’t age well. Conversely, precious metals like silver and gold will keep their shine for years but are far too soft to withstand the beating smoking accessories take. However, brass pipes like the renowned Proto pipe have a reputation for looking great year after year and being nearly indestructible. You would have to try hard to destroy a brass pipe, especially if it’s plated with chrome, which is designed to resist corrosion, tarnish, and scratches.


Worthy travel companions


Wanderlust is at a record high these days, which means that plenty of smokers are hoping to get out on the road and bring their gear with them. Sustainable metal smoking pipes that bring serious longevity to your collection make worthy travel companions because they simply don’t quit. Unlike some other accessories, these pipes travel well, and you can pack them in your backpack, carry-on, or checked luggage without worrying. The special kind of zen that comes with having a metal smoking pipe makes any journey that much more enjoyable!


Ensuring your pipe’s longevity


Despite being able to handle the ups and downs of day-to-day life, it’s still vital to ensure that your metal smoking pipe is clean. By cleaning your pipe regularly, you’ll keep it looking and working great. When it comes to certain smoking accessories, sometimes cleaning up can be a hassle, especially if you are a daily cannabis consumer who isn’t keen on buffing away resin. Luckily, these smoking accessories only require alcohol, pipe cleaners, and a microfiber cloth for cleaning. Isopropyl alcohol is ideal, but 140 proof vodka or whiskey can be used in a pinch. 


How to clean a metal smoking pipe


Before soaking your metal smoking pipe, you want to be sure that you’ve removed any remnants or residue still inside the bowl or shaft. After that, place the pipe inside a bowl and fill it with alcohol and leave it to soak for a minimum of 24 hours. Then, you can inspect your pipe to ensure the alcohol dislodged everything. Should you still have stuck on grime, be sure to soak the metal smoking pipe again for another 24 hours. Next, comes the buffing and drying. Although alcohol evaporates, you want to buff your metal smoking pipe with a microfiber cloth to remove any leftover moisture and restore the metal’s shine.


Time to enjoy


In a world still grappling with the Coronavirus pandemic, more and more cannabis consumers are choosing to spend their hard-earned dollars wisely. Not only do metal smoking pipes offer high-quality smoke sessions, but they also provide peace of mind, help reduce waste, and aren’t a pain to clean. After all, it’s easier to enjoy a sesh when you aren’t worried about your gear shattering into a million pieces or worrying how you’ll unstick the resin inside of it. Plus, these pipes are lifers and can go anywhere you do! So, on your next trip or hike in the mountains, don’t forget to pack your trusty metal smoking pipe, buds!

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