7 Different and Amazing Delta-8 Dabs That You Must Try

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

The Cannabis plant has a lot to offer us. Each of its extract Cannabinoid or Hemp have many forms. Delta 8 is one such hemp product that is psychoactive. Delta 8 does not have a high potency level like Delta 9 THC compound. But, it is in high demand for medical purposes due to its immense health benefits. Delta 8 is available in versatile forms just like the CBD products viz. gummies, tinctures, vape juice, etc. A lesser-known yet most potent and effective form is Delta 8 dabs. 



These are oil-based Wax concentrated products meant for smoking. The wax dabs contain high concentrations of THC and Terpenes. Dabbing is the act of consuming the Delta 8 dabs through supported devices like a vape cartridge or a dabbing pen. You can pick up any vaping device for yourself based on your experience in vaping. It becomes complex to choose a Delta 8 dab amongst many excellent dabs in the market. Here are Delta-8 dab reviews of some of the best delta dabs of all time.

  1. 71% Delta 8 Shatter Dabs

Delta 8 Shatter dab holds the highest ratings amongst all the other dabs. An excellent blend of CBD extracts providing high potency. It gives you the astonishing effects of cannabidiol, recommended for the experienced smoker. This dab is known to be one of the unstable compounds on its own. Few extra chemicals are mixed with it to provide stability. It is stored in a closed container as this is a volatile compound. It starts losing effect on coming in contact with air.  It is available in different flavors. No plant wax is involved in its manufacturing.

  1. Delta-8 THC Dabs By 8Delta8

This dab by 8Delta8 has the most precise concentration of terpene that makes it a Mild potent wax. 8Delta8 is one of the first companies which started making CBD products after its legalization. This Delta 8 THC Dab has high effects. The infused terpenes strengthen its effects. The dabs are presented in an array of flavors, every flavor inducing a different Effect on the person. 


8Delta8 offers the best quality products to the users. The flavors are Mango kush, Bubba kush, Guava, Blue dream, Runtz, and Strawberry Lemonade. The most liked and sold flavored dab of 8Delta8 is Guava.

  1. 90% D8 Dabs- Cannabis-derived Terpene Infused

This dab will give you the right weed flavor you missed in other delta dabs. Delta D8 90% dabs are hallucinogenic as they majorly contain terpene. A syringe is required here for ejecting out the dab material. You can also try compressing and dabbing wax at the desired place. It is suitable for users looking to buy a pure delta THC flavored concentrate. It is not for users who prefer a concatenation of different Cannabis extracts.

  1. Urb D8 Watermelon Zkittlez

Urb Finest Delta 8 flowers make many well-known CBD products like gummies, candies, and dabs. The dabs are available in multiple fruit flavors. The watermelon Urb D8 dab stands unique in front of others with its different delicacy. The Delta-8 THC perfectly blends with distillate Watermelon Zkittlez. The fascinating watermelon taste binds the users and makes them buy it repeatedly. It tastes and smells just like fresh watermelon. As you open the cap of the D8 Dab, the room fills with a lovely smell. It promises to keep you high for a considerable time.

  1. 55% Delta 8 Hemp Dabs

It can be an ideal choice for someone willing to get a little dizzy. It falls in line with botanical terps. 55% Delta 8 Hemp Dabs does not get you the high effects of CBD in just one go. The quality of the product pays for the price. It pleases you with a pleasant odor. This dab has an average potency level and is free of other additives. It holds a higher ranking than other dabs and provides multiple strains. The no additives funda makes it produce no synergistic effects. It is not the right choice for searching for terpene-free dabs.

  1. Delta 8 Wax THC Peanut Brittle Concentrate with 39% CBG

This Delta 8 dab contains some percentage of Cannabigerol. CBG has more potent effects than CBD. The properties of CBG, the Anti-Anxiety effect, and Muscles-Relief make it more robust than CBD. Along with CBG, peanut brittle makes it more special and unique than the other dabs. The wax is way smoother with peanut brittle. People new to dabbing can start with Delta 8 Wax THC Peanut Brittle Dab as it has a low potency level. It does not eject you in the sky in the first dabbing experience itself.

  1. Bulk 90% D8 Disty by Extract Labs

Phytocannabinoids naturally produced by the cannabis plant are a significant part of this D8 dab. The phytocannabinoids with terpene fused for the formation of Bulk 90% Disty dab are in equal concentration. The manufacturer Extract Labs is GMP Certified. These dabs are available in different sizes ranging from 5g to 500 grams pack. They offer the narrowest flavor range to the people. You will have to rely on the other companies for flavorsome dabs. These dabs use the minimum or no terpene. Therefore they are odorless and tasteless.


A lot of people use Delta 8 THC for numerous health benefits. They consume the Delta 9 THC for anxiety, stress, and inflammation. It may help them eliminate the problem, but the high effect negates the purpose. Here Delta 8 is a very fruitful extract that can help us get relieved from the health problems and toxicity. We have discussed seven of the highly used Delta 8 dabs. You can find an eclectic range of more dabs at places where it’s approved. The Delta-8 Dabs are available at local stores. You can choose the flavor from the versatile dabs from the store.

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