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Tuesday, April 20th, 2021

Since dispensers have legally been allowed to sell cannabis, it seems that the quality of hash and the different types of hash products on the market has  increased. For frequent hashish consumers, having all these choices is great news! However, if you are new to consuming cannabis products, or you haven’t tried that much hash before, you might find deciding which hash product you should purchase a little overwhelming. 


There are lots of different great-tasting hash products available these days and most dispensaries will have a few to choose from. Often is the case, when you shop for hash online you get a lot more options. Some dispensaries only stock a limited amount of hash, so if you can’t find the strain you want, consider searching for it online. Nowadays, especially since the outbreak of Covid-19, a lot of people are buying marijuana products online to help reduce the spread of the virus. 


There is a wide range of online cannabis stores out there that sell all types of hash and other cannabis products. 


Gold Seal Afgan

This hashish is produced in Afghanistan, an area well known for producing some of the world’s best hash. Many claim that the best type of hashish comes from Northern Afghanistan, not far from Russia. Due to the intense, cold climate in the region, the plants that produce this hash tend to be small, bushy Indica plants. Sativa plants are too tall and weak to last through such cold winters, however, the conditions are ideal for Indica plants.


People who live and work in the area have been growing these plants for generations. They are extremely passionate about their products, so you can expect incredible quilty. They don’t sell the hashish until it is highly elastic and has a beautiful, slightly spicy smell. 


You can expect this hash to be dark green or brown on the inside and black on the outside. In fact, it kind of resembles a chocolate bar, just but remembers not to eat it all!


This hash will give you a nice body high, and it is probably best smoked through a joint or a bong. Keep in mind that hash sometimes takes a little longer to kick in, so remain patient. 


Habibi Moroccan Hash

If you ever find yourself in an Arabic-speaking country, it might be worth your while remembering the name of this hash because it translates to “my love” in English.  This very popular hash is smooth when smoked and it gives the user a relaxed high. Just like Afghanistan, Morocco has had a long history of cultivating and selling hashish products. It is embedded in Moroccan culture, where locals visit small cafes, drink a cup of tea, and enjoy the locally produced hash. 


If you are worried that you are being sold hash that is not produced in Morocco, check to see if it has an official stamp on the hash. Most Moroccan hash makers will stamp their hash, just like a painter puts their signature on their artwork. Habibi Moroccan hash tends to be smoother than most Afghani hash, and some even go so far by claiming it is the best hash on the planet. It smells fresh and it tastes extremely smooth. 

Cherry Cola Hash

If you are looking for a lovely smelling hash, this Cherry Cola might be the one for you. Even though it has a very high THC content, it is surprisingly easy to smoke. It is so smooth that it doesn’t tend to make the user cough. It relaxes the entire body, so if you are looking for a mellow high, this could be your answer.


Before you try this hash, make sure that you have your munchies ready because it will make you hungry. This is a very popular hash for those suffering from anxiety. For more details about Cherry Cola Hash, Visit Canna Sweets Online Marijuana.


Cookies Gelato Hash

If you are looking for a great-tasting hash that gives you a hard Indica high, perhaps purchasing Cookies Gelato hash might be your best option. This hash is produced from flower material that has been cured for around 2 months. This Canadian hash is made from top of the range BC bud. 


When smoked, users get a fruity flavor, with almost a nut taste. Once consumed, it should lift the user’s mood and sometimes give them feelings of euphoria. Plenty of people use this hash to relax at the end of the day, and many consume it to help them sleep better. This hash is a mixture of Sunset Sherbet and the highly popular and well-known worldwide Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie strains. Although it is hash made from Indica plants, many people use it to be more creative. People suffering from chronic pain often consume Cookies Gelato Hash to help them with pain relief.

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