Water Pipes and Bongs 101: How To Choose Your Equipment

Sunday, April 18th, 2021
Bongs and Other Water Pipes

Water pipes, commonly known as bongs, have become the preferred choice for many recreational smokers of herbs and Marijuana. You might believe that all bongs are identical. If that is the case, you are mistaken. The perfect bong will significantly enhance your smoking experience. But with too many choices available, picking the best one could be overwhelming.  

Fortunately, online smoke stores, such as Daily High Club Bongs and others, sell a wide range of high-quality bongs that could make smoking smoother, more satisfying, and less expensive. And if you’re still undecided about what to get, don’t stress. This article got your back. Here’s a useful guide to help you select the best bong for you. 

  • Start With The Material 

Bongs are typically built from a variety of materials. The material you select is a matter of personal preference. But each material has certain benefits and drawbacks. 

  • Glass  

Glass is the most commonly used material for a bong. Since the glass does not change the taste of the smoke, it gives a clear, pure flavor. Due to the transparency of glass, it’s quite convenient to track for resin accumulation as well. Additionally, it is effortless to clean if accumulation is an issue. Glass bongs may be popular, but these are also more costly than other materials.

  • Plastic 

Because of its durability, plastic is possibly the second most used material for bongs. As opposed to other materials, plastic bongs are relatively inexpensive. These are ideal for travel since they are impossible to smash. They won’t also crumble or crack as easily as glass. The only disadvantage to plastic bongs is that they might alter the flavor of your smoke. 

  • Ceramic 

Ceramic bongs are usually heavier and sturdier. They are not typically suited for travel due to their inherent fragility. However, they come in a variety of unusual forms, sizes, and colors due to the malleability of the material. 

Ceramic bongs are typically more costly than plastic due to the labor and art involved in their production. Though it is unlikely to be used on a regular basis, they are ideal for specific celebrations or displays. 

  • Metal 

Metal is often used to produce bongs. It is highly stable and long-lasting. Additionally, it is very inexpensive. But the same as plastic, it might alter the flavor of the smoke. It is also harder to clean compared to glass. 

  • Bamboo 

Another common material used to create bongs is bamboo. These bongs can be very durable. If they are properly cared for, bamboo bongs may last a lifetime. 

  • Choose A Design 

The design of the bong not only defines it as a one-of-a-kind piece, but it also serves many useful functions. Below are some of the most common designs:

  • Straight-Tube Bongs 

This is the most basic design that you can frequently see in bong shops. Straight-tube bongs are made up of a plain tube that is enclosed at one end. Then, a stem and a bowl are sticking from the other. It’s plain smoking at its finest. 

  • Beaker Bongs 

The beaker bong is quite identical to the straight-tube bong. The only difference is the flared bottom that resembles a beaker. Due to the wider base, this type is more stable compared to the straight-tube bongs. 

  • Round-Base Bongs 

These are quite similar to beaker bongs. As the name implies, these bongs have a flat base with a spherical chamber. But they are a little less stable due to the narrower base. 

  • Size Could Matter

Did you believe that the larger the bong, the better it is? This is simply wrong. The size of the bong depends on what kind of smoker you are, but it does not necessarily affect the experience.

If you are a new smoker with limited knowledge, a larger bong might shock you with an overpowering blow. Furthermore, if you intend to carry the bong with you always, a smaller one might be ideal. Small bongs are also ideal for thrifty smokers since they are usually less expensive. 

If you’re more of a seasoned user in search of the perfect hit, a bigger bong is the way to go. Not only can larger bongs generate more smoke, but they also have more cooling and filtration effect. 

  • Compare Costs 

The glass bong is usually more expensive, while the most affordable are those made from plastic. The price would also vary depending on the manufacturer and brand. So, do your due diligence and try to discover various smoke shops and compare their prices before buying.


Bottom Line 

After familiarizing yourself with various styles of bongs, you can now make an educated choice regarding the ideal one for your set. If you’re a risk-taker, try each one and decide on your favorite!

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