Why Vape Kits Are Value for Your Money?

Saturday, April 17th, 2021

If you are a smoker looking to quit, you might enjoy success if you buy a CBD vape kit online for a safer and healthier high. There have been studies undertaken on both sides that question and substantiate vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. However, when you first start vaping, the biggest mystery to unfold is how much it will cost you to vape as frequently as you smoked. Some people seem to think that since vaping is the healthier alternative, it is a more expensive habit. However, this could not be further from the truth, as research shows that vaping can be a cost-effective alternative to smoking. Individuals can buy a CBD vape kit online and continue to kick their smoking habit to the curb in an affordable way. Here is a look at why vape kits provide the best value for money and how you can start vaping on a budget. 

How Expensive Are Vapes?

People seem to believe the notion that healthier substances tend to be more expensive. However, this could not be further than the truth when it comes to vaping. When done right, vaping can fit into the budgets of most people. Vaping is a budget-friendly option, especially when the consumer’s primary aim is to quit smoking. Due to the rise in vaping’s popularity, beginner vapes are cheap nowadays, as they are simple devices. These help individuals learn how to vape and the market offers various styles of vape pens that differ in their performance. Some of the most commonly used type of vapes and their price ranges are as follows;

  • Disposable vapes: Between $5 to $10
  • Pod systems: Between $10 to $30
  • Vape pens: Between $15 to $35
  • MTL starter kits: Between $30 to $60

While there are more expensive devices in the market, beginners do not need to go for such products at the start. Additionally, while expensive products boast better manufacturing quality, durability, and innovative design, they do not offer better performance. Hence, affordable alternatives can match even the most advanced features that such vapes possess. 

Why Vape Kits Offer Better Value for Money

  1. People assume that vaping is more expensive than smoking when they buy vape kits online due to its technological aspect. However, e-liquid or CBD juice is much cheaper than cigarettes, making the whole process a lot more affordable and are easily available at Sunday Scaries.
  2. Once you buy your vaporizer, your only recurring cost involves getting coils once in a while and sourcing your vaping juice. Buying these in bulk will help you lower your overall costs, making this a much better option when compared to smoking. 
  3. Online shops and websites offer excellent discounts for several vaping products, from pens to coils. However, consumers will receive no such discounts for cigarettes as fewer local businesses sell such products. 
  4. Beginners have the option of buying vaping starter kits that help simplify the process significantly. While they might seem expensive at first, they provide all the materials required for you to start vaping. Hence, in the long run, starter kits will help you save money as they tend to cost less than the sum of their parts.
  5. By purchasing cartomizers and BCD juices in bulk, consumers can save a lot of money and grab some eye-catching discounts. 


What are the Other Costs Associated with Vaping?

All vapes come with a heating element or coil that requires replacement from time to time. Essentially the vape acts like a lamp, whereas your heating coil is the light bulb. Though the coil does not go out like a bulb, they require replacement when their performance decreases. Coils may come in the form of cartridges, metal housings, and pods. Frequent users may have to replace the coils once every two weeks, with the average cost being between $1 and $5.

Additionally, you will also have to stock up on e-liquid or CBD oil. Most individuals vape between one to ten milligrams of fluid every day. However, beginners tend to fall into the bottom half of this range, and hence on average, people use up around four to five milligrams a day. Consumption varies between users and depends primarily on the following factors;

  1. Their device’s efficiency and vapor production
  2. Dependence on nicotine or CBD 
  3. Strength of the liquid

The cost of vape juice required is an integral factor in calculating the overall cost of vaping. In case your device comes with e-juice or CBD oil, the overall expense tends to be cheaper than when using a refillable one. However, the amount of juice you receive in such devices is usually very little compared to when you buy a vape juice bottle. Over time, as a result, refillable devices end up being cheaper as you have the option of purchasing vape juice in larger quantities at discounted prices. 

vape cart 

Most prefilled devices contain around 1 milligram of liquid and cost between $3 to $7. On average, these tend to last consumers one to three days. Therefore, while these may be more convenient for beginners, they aren’t as cost-effective as the alternative. On the other hand, refillable devices require consumers to buy vape juice by the bottle. Most e-juice and CBD oils come in 100ml to 120ml bottles. While product prices vary according to their type and brand, they typically cost between $15 to $40. Hence, when you buy a CBD vape kit and get a CBD oil bottle, the costs are much lower and more affordable. 

How to Save While Vaping?

  1. Most companies offer older models and devices at discounted rates. Consumers should check vaping shops for clearance sales to find good quality second-hand vapes at low prices. They can also search for the same on online forums and Facebook pages that focus on vaping.
  2. Several local brands offer scented and flavored vape juices at excellent prices, compared to more premium brands. Ensure you research the brands you buy from to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.
  3. Consumers can save more money by wrapping their coils and making their vape juice over time. While this requires some practice, it can help make vaping more affordable in the long run.
  4. While disposable and prefilled vapes will make things easier for beginners, they tend to be more expensive in the long run. Hence, start with such products, and once you get used to vaping, switch to alternative devices which are more affordable.
  5. Beginners can save money by opting for the most affordable hardware and vaping juice. CBD oil DIY shops will allow you to create the best vaping liquids at low prices when you buy larger quantities. 

Closing Thoughts

When you are trying to quit smoking, vaping can be an excellent choice as it is more affordable and safer than the former. When you use a cost-effective pen and juice combination, vaping can cost as little as $50 a month in the beginning. Over time, the cost of vaping can be as low as between $30 and $45 a month, making it a much better option than cigarettes that can cost up to $6 every day. What are you waiting for now that you know about affordable vaping? In case you want to learn more about the therapeutic benefits of CBD oils, follow this space for further updates!

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