Why are Many People Growing Quality Pot during the Pandemic?

Thursday, April 8th, 2021
growing cannabis

Instead of spending each day glued to smart devices and televisions to battle boredom during the ongoing pandemic, many people have decided to learn a new skill. Some people learned how to bake cakes, others studied a second language while others started growing cannabis from home. 


Many people who consume cannabis products have increased the amount of marijuana they are using since Covid-19 spread around the globe. With experts advising us to stay indoors to help reduce the spread of the deadly virus, it’s no wonder online and traditional dispensaries have seen sales go through the roof! 


So, why has growing cannabis from home all of a sudden become so popular since early 2020?


Online Stores Deliver to your Door

In the past, if you were lucky enough to have a cannabis grow store close by, you could purchase growing equipment specifically designed to grow marijuana. If you didn’t have this option, you had to go to a regular garden store. Often the equipment, nutrients, and soils were not ideal for growing good cannabis, but people had no other choice.


However, with experts advising us to only go outdoors for essential items many of us do all our shopping online. Most grow stores have top-quality equipment to help you grow marijuana successfully. Most online grow stores have a lot more choices so you can find different types of LED lights, grow boxes, soils, and all types of seeds. If you are looking for a specific bud, such as Jean Guy strain, the chances are you will find it online. 


Although most grow stores employ friendly staff members that are more than willing to help you out when looking for products to help you grow, sometimes they might try and sell you items you don’t want. At the end of the day, these people are employed to sell you products. When purchasing grow supplies from home, most people tend to feel more relaxed and less impulsive.  You can take your time and you have the option to research each item thoroughly before spending your hard-earned money.


You can shop online for grow supplies discreetly, and most stores will use plain packaging so nosey neighbors won’t know what you are purchasing. They will deliver the items to your door, to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.


Information on how to Grow Cannabis Online

In the past, growers would have to rely on expensive books that were not widely available to help them grow cannabis or seek advice from other growers. Lots have changed due to the joys of the internet. Here are a few ways you can learn how to grow pot online:


  • Streaming websites: Streaming services like YouTube have thousands of videos available that allow growers, whether they are novice or expert growers, to learn everything there is to know about growing good marijuana. Many YouTubers are frequently uploading ‘’free to watch’’ videos to help others at each stage of the grow cycle. 
  • Websites: There are countless websites that help growers learn. Many grow online stores upload content to promote the idea of growing cannabis. This helps them sell more products, but it also benefits the grower because they will receive free grow tips and tutorials.
  • Social networking: There are lots of cannabis grow communities online. Major social networking pages like FaceBook have plenty of communities on the site that allow users to join for free. Members of these communities share tips and secrets on how to successfully grow great weed. If you have problems growing, there are bound to be members willing to help you out. 


Even with all this information online, growing cannabis is about trial and error. Every grower is going to come across problems now and again, it’s all part of the process.


Something to do to Pass the Time

Some people have come to the stage that they feel they have watched everything on YouTube and Netflix. Some have never been this bored in their lives, so to help battle the boredom, they have forked out and bought grow equipment or they have planted cannabis seeds in their garden. 


To grow top-quality cannabis, you will need to do the following:


  • Research: You will need to know a lot about the strain you are growing. What is the best climate for the strain, how long does it take to flower, what should the plant look like, etc? Although it might feel overwhelming at the start of the process, anybody can succeed if they have the time and patience. During the pandemic, most of us have never had so much free time on our hands!
  • Have the right nutrients: You will need to understand what nutrients work best with the strain you are using.
  • Tend to your plants: You will need to give your plants water and tend to them for around an hour daily, maybe more at the later phase of the cycle. Some people really enjoy feeding and even talking to their plants. Many people find it therapeutic, which is great if you are in lockdown. 
  • Harvesting: Harvesting the plant is one of the most exciting parts of the process. However, it is critical that you don’t harvest too early or too late. This can affect the THC levels of the buds, making your weed not as potent as you would have hoped. It also might affect the amount of weed each plant produces. 


Growing marijuana is certainly one way of avoiding boredom while the ongoing pandemic affects our lives. 


Growing Cannabis is Exciting!

Looking for things to keep ourselves entertained while indoors is often limited. Although it is fantastic to have all this access to modern technology, many of us find it gets repetitive and boring after a while. 


Growing marijuana, especially if it is your first attempt, can be both challenging and exciting. From the day you germinate your seeds to the day you smoke your first joint can be highly entertaining. If something goes wrong, for instance, a bug infestation and you manage to solve the problem, you will be over the moon and proud that you managed to solve the issue. 



Although it is great that in areas where recreational cannabis allows you to buy your weed online or in physical stores, there is nothing better than consuming great quality cannabis that you have grown yourself. Although the pandemic has been a good excuse for many of us to do nothing for a while, others feel it’s a perfect opportunity to do something constructive and learn something new. Who knows, learning to grow weed might even open up new job opportunities. 


Even when you purchase cannabis products from a reputable dispensary, you can never be 100% confident what is inside the cannabis you are buying. You might be wondering if the grower used harsh fertilizers. If you grow yourself, you will be in full control. You will know exactly what nutrients and fertilizers were used. You will get to pick your own marijuana strains. 


Lots of households have found the pandemic financially draining. To help save money, growing marijuana, in the long run, can help save a mini fortune. After you fork out for the grow equipment, you can reuse it again for your next plants.

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