Mental health; Dealing with anxiety in Canada

Monday, March 22nd, 2021
mental health

Awareness about various mental health issues has been on the rise in the past few years. It might be astonishing to know that the most common disorders in Canada are mood and anxiety disorders. In 2018, more than an estimated 3 million Canadians have had severe anxiety at least once or have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is normal, but when it gets severe, can hamper important areas of your life. At least one in ten Canadians is affected by anxiety disorders. Anxiety is something that needs to be dealt with for almost all your life. It is important to learn tricks to help you manage your daily levels of anxiety.

Question your thought pattern

Anxiety disorders stem from neurosis. A person who tends to have a negative worldview is more at risk for developing negative thoughts. These can take place in your mind and develop into relatively permanent thought patterns. These can truly distort the severity of any situation that you encounter and make perceived threat to be a lot more dangerous than what it actually is. Challenge your thought patterns and see where you are stuck, and where you can take back control. It is well-advised to keep a diary of all these anxiety-provoking incidents and your thoughts at that time. 

Use aromatherapy

A lot of studies have been published that advocate for the use of aromatherapy in relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety. A lot of clinical research suggests that scents such as vanilla, chamomile, lavender, and even sandalwood can be extremely effective in relaxing and calming you down. Aromatherapy can be used in various forms such as candles, oils, or even incense. It is suggested that aromatherapy can help activate certain receptors in the brain that have a role in easing symptoms of anxiety.

Smoke some weed

After a hard and long battle for legalization, marijuana is finally recognized for the various health benefits that it provides. Marijuana is used for alleviating symptoms of anxiety and stress. It is known for its properties that invoke relaxation. Weed is legal for recreational use in many countries. You can very easily buy weed online ontario canada for such purposes. Weed is also known to help in alleviating symptoms of depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, and chronic pain.

Identify your triggers

If you have been to a therapist before, you might have heard the term ‘trigger’. Any anxiety-provoking thought, behavior, or action can be termed as a trigger. It is important to learn and identify your triggers so that you can use good coping strategies when you feel your triggers are too much. Triggers can be both short and long-term. You might be triggered by caffeine, alcohol, and smoking from time to time, but bigger problems such as financial stressors or some work-related situations can also trigger your anxiety. Figure your trigger and try to limit your exposure to the situation if you can.

Dealing with anxiety is not so easy. There are a lot of things you need to incorporate into your daily routine in order to manage stress.

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