What Is A Triple Layer Carbon Filter And What Are Its Benefits?

Friday, March 5th, 2021
A triple carbon filter

There’s no better time to be cautious about one’s health than right now. And if you enjoy the regular pot smoking sessions, you certainly should consider finding ways to make each rip less harmful to your lungs.

Although many experts have discovered some of the health benefits of cannabis, there are still risks when you smoke a blunt for recreation. If you’re not careful, you might develop lung complications along the way.

For this reason, many cannabiseurs have taken the necessary precautions to protect themselves from these harmful effects. They attach triple-layered carbon filters and a mouthpiece, like the ones from Mooselabs, onto their bongs, pipes, and blunts.

Now, you’re probably curious about the effectiveness of such a device and whether or not it affects the smoking experience in any way. In this article, you’ll discover what triple carbon filters are, how effective they are, and how well they can take your rips to the next level.

A triple carbon filter

What Is A Triple Layer Carbon Filter

A triple carbon filter is a filtration device that contains activated carbon. It’s often used as an attachment to the mouthpiece of your smoking device. These activated carbon filters out contaminants, like tar, resin, and other unnecessary particles, that can be harmful to your lungs.

Some cannabis users claim that filtration devices can reduce the amount of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) molecules that penetrate your lungs. TCH is the psychoactive cannabinoid that provides the feeling of euphoria or high when smoking weed.

However, carbon filters don’t necessarily alter the amount of THC that goes into your lungs. In fact, it even elevates your smoking experience by giving you a cleaner and smoother smoke at each rip. That means you’re able to puff smoke that’s both satisfying and less harmful to your body.

The Benefits Of Using A Triple Layer Carbon Filter

If you’re considering buying a filtration device, here are a few benefits you can count on when you use a carbon filter for all your pot sessions:

  • Protects Your Lungs

As mentioned earlier, smoking weed without taking any health precautions can lead to severe lung conditions, even cancer. Remember, smoking cannabis as well as cigarettes produces tar and resin, which goes into your lungs. When these harmful substances accumulate in your respiratory system, that’s when an increased risk of lung conditions like cancer may occur.

Using a carbon filter may prevent these toxins from penetrating and accumulating in your lungs. You can enjoy smoking for long periods without having to worry about the long-term adverse effects.

  • A Tasty Experience

Ever wonder what makes cannabis have an awful taste? It’s the tar and resin that’s produced and built up in your smoking device. Activated carbon can filter out these byproducts, thus allowing you to taste the terpenes better. This provides a richer experience at each rip. Who doesn’t want that, right?

  • Less Harsh Smoke

Besides giving off an awful taste and odor, contaminants can also affect the quality of smoke you produce as you puff. In most cases, smoking marijuana raw (without any filter) causes harsh and pungent smoke.

An intense smoke can irritate your throat, which can lead to uncomfortable breathing and frequent coughing. For this reason, filtering out these contaminants can help produce smoother, less harsh smoke as you puff.


Smoking cannabis has always been a sought-after recreation and a wellness experience, especially now that countries across the world are beginning to legalize its use. And although cannabis may have some health benefits, users still should practice health precautions and smoke in moderation to maintain their overall health. In order for you to enjoy your regular pot sessions, consider using a triple carbon filter, so you can keep smoking weed and prevent any health problems later on.

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