How Technology Is Radically Transforming the Cannabis Industry

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

Marijuana has come a long way, thanks to the use of technology. In some ways, it would seem that technology is even expanding the way that we get high as well. Instead of minimal processing, growers are now able to create a huge range of oils for vaping and they are also able to create capsules, edible gummies and so much more. We are always moving forward and into a new era for cannabis consumption, and it’s going to be especially interesting to see how technological breakthroughs could easily change the way that we get high. If you want to find out more then simply look below.


DNA Sequencing

The sativa plant is a wonder to say the least. It’s a factory when it comes to brain-altering chemicals and it’s unlike anything the world has ever seen. There is a tremendous amount of variance when you look at the strains of the plant and each grow has a unique strain of THC, CBD and various other elements too. This leads to an incredibly robust market of products. The problem is that when you look at the market, you will see that it’s very hard to regulate. Modern genomics may well be the key to unlocking the true potential for the plant.  Several leading growers are now engaging in various efforts to try and assemble a clear blueprint for how the plant generates the chemicals within. When you look at a Colorado company, you will see that they have claimed to develop a method which uses the famous CRISPR gene platform to edit the DNA of a plant. This enables plants to be grown with absolutely no THC or CBD at all. These are very good and sometimes it’s possible to grow a plant with a different flavour too. It’s even possible to create a plant that can grow rare cannabinoids, including CBC. This is thought to have some very powerful anti-inflammatory effects. The end goal, at the end of the day is to try and extract the genes so that these chemicals can be produced and so that they can allow for industrial production without having to grow a single plant at all. This is ideal, because if you are sat back and playing games at your computer, like the ones you can access through Comet room, you might not want an overly strong strain. On the flip side, if you suffer from anxiety or another mental health condition, you may find a stronger strain more helpful. It’s this incredibly diverse mix of strains that helps companies to provide a more personalised experience, which leads onto the next point.

Personalised Products

Finding the right blend of both THC and CBD can be a difficult challenge to say the least. After all, everyone’s biochemistry is changing and this causes the to process various cannabinoids in various ways. Even though, when you explore the matter further, you will see that specific strains of weed have regulations when it comes to the general intensity or mellowness, you have to know that there is a lot of wiggle room for choosing what you want to put in your vape. Cannabis is a psychoactive substance at the end of the day, and if you choose a strain that does not vibe well with your mind then this can put you on a bit of a downer. That’s why the next step in the consumption of cannabis would be to tailor blends that are balanced to your very own, unique physiology. Some companies are already making inroads into this brand-new method of personalisation. When you look at CannabisDNA,  you will soon find that they offer a swab test. This usually costs around $130 and it tests for genetic markers. This will help to create a response to all of your notable cannabinoids and it gives you a report that ultimately predicts how compatible your body is with different strains.

In the future, it’s entirely possible that all retailers are going to combine this testing with the bespoke creation of products. This is going to combine isolates into various formulas and this will create a very targeted experience for the user in general.

Growing Lights

One of the main issues that people have when growing marijuana is that the plants have a huge appetite when to wide spectrum light. When you look at tropical climates, you will soon see that the sun is able to provide everything that the sativa plant needs. When you look at large scale or even indoor grow operations however, you will soon see that they rely on high-intensity bulbs. LED technology has revolutionised the home lighting market and when you look at the last decade, you will soon see that it is poised to do the exact same for cannabis growers.  Newer bulbs are designed to emit a huge, wideband spectrum when you compare them to earlier models.

New bulbs are fully designed to emit a huge bandwidth of light, as opposed to when you compare them to earlier models which tend to only recover the blue or red frequencies. At the end of the day, manufacturers have introduced directional lamps and these are very effective as they are able to point rays at the plants as they grow. LEDs are able to save on temperature control and even ducting too. A lot of people expect the cost of LEDs to drop dramatically over the next couple of yeas and this tends to mirror what happened with consumer bulbs.


One of the biggest obstacles that are currently being faced with the distribution of cannabis is the sheer nature of the product. When you look at it, you will see that it is an oil so therefore not water-soluble. This means that when it is added to a liquid product, it will fully separate over time. This tends to limit the use for things such as oil capsules and various other applications. The holy grail would be if it is possible to add it to water-based products and this is where nanoencapsulation comes in, which is going to revolutionise the cannabis business in general.

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