Understanding feminized and autoflower cannabis seeds

Friday, January 29th, 2021
cannabis seeds

Growing your own cannabis is no rocket science. In fact, many people do prefer home-grown cannabis over commercial ones. To reap a healthy harvest, it is essential to choose the right kind of seeds. After all, what you sow, is what you reap!

Autoflower and feminized seeds

Cannabis seeds have two most popular commercially available strains – feminized seeds and autoflower. For an amateur, choosing from a wide range of options can be pretty overwhelming. More often people ask, how are feminized and autoflower seeds different?


  • Autoflower seeds start flowering within 2-4 weeks of planting. For beginners, this is an easy test of patience against cultivating feminized seeds which usually take much longer.
  • Feminized seeds are photosensitive, meaning, you need to follow the recommended 12/12 hours of light and darkness cycle for proper growth. Autoflowers removes this difficuluty completely. Irrespective of the light cycle, they will start producing flowers after a definite period of time.
  •  Autoflowering seeds produce plants which are small in size. Feminized plants are medium to large-sized demanding which takes a lot of space in your backyard.
  • Since autoflowers are small plants, they require low nutrition and water intake as well. 

Advantages of autoflower seeds

Let us take a look as to why autoflowers have gained so much popularity in so little time.

  • Autoflowers are easier to maintain as they have little to none lighting and nutrient requirements.
  • The plants are more robust. They are very resistant to temperature fluctuations as well as fungal infections.
  • Plants grow less tall and hence are easier to manage within a small space.
  • The shorter harvest time enables the cultivators to have multiple harvests during a year.
  • Autoflower seeds are not bothered with the seasonal differences and can be sown any time of the year.

Advantages of feminized seeds

Well, with all the advantages of autoflowers, why would we need to bother with any other strain?

  • Feminized seeds produce seedless flowers used for producing weed of high quality.
  • The plants have higher THC and CBD content which has more profound, intense, and long-lasting effects on the consumers.
  • Female plants produce higher yields as compared to autoflowering plants.
  • Feminized seeds produce plants that are easy to prune producing fewer leaves and more flowers as compared to autoflowers.

Which one should you buy? 

As discussed, each one has its own unique characteristics. People who have been cultivating weed for a while prefer feminized seeds due to the higher yield and flexible growing. When you adjust the conditions, you control the quality as per your requirements.


Autoflower seeds are best for beginners due to the little care and attention that the plants require. Faster harvest is a pleasant add-on.


You can buy your seeds from online seeds banks. Royal Queen seeds and Zamnesia are one of the top-quality cannabis seeds retailers. Apart from this, you have seedbanks such as Sensi seeds and Sweet seeds who promise customer satisfaction and value for money. Research your options well and make the right purchase.

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