4 Tips For Setting Up Your Own Grow Tents Legally

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021
grow tents

Many people have been involved in cannabis use at some point in their lives. If marijuana itself—a substance harvested from cannabis plants—piques your interest, aren’t you curious as to how it goes from being a seed till the time it’s harvested? Did you also know that you can legally grow your own cannabis plants?

Before planning your cannabis cultivation, take note of cannabis laws in your area first. Generally, most US states allow citizens to plant, at most, six cannabis plants on their property, as long as they’re intended for personal use only. 

Growing Space: The Foremost Aspect of Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis cultivation is ideally performed indoors as growers can control the plants’ growing conditions. Since your cannabis plants will not be exposed outdoors, you have to arrange the best possible indoor growing environment for them: your growing space. 

Grow tents facilitate cannabis growth. As its name suggests, a grow tent is a tent dedicated to cannabis cultivation. As your growing space is the most critical factor of cannabis cultivation, it’s paramount to choose among the best grow tents to support the healthy growth of your cannabis plants. 

To start your cannabis growing journey, here are four tips for setting up your own grow tents legally:

  • Assemble All Necessary Equipment and Materials

Before starting your growing operation, make sure that you’ve collected all essential supplies first. These equipment and materials should be purchased all at once and shouldn’t be added one by one when you assemble the grow tent.

Check out this list of necessary supplies for your grow tent setup:

  • Grow tent or box 
  • Grow lights
  • Grow medium or containers
  • Grow lights timer
  • Oscillating and exhaust fan
  • Thermo-hygrometer
  • Carbon filters

  • Pick the Right Grow Tent Size 

The size of your grow tent can heavily impact your cultivation experience. An undersized tent can put your plants’ health at risk, while an oversized tent can cause you to spend more on growing supplies. 

Since most states only allow planting four to six cannabis plants, a 2 ft. by 2 ft. tent is suitable for four plants, while a 5 ft. by 5 ft. one can house six plants. Once you’ve chosen the right size, take note of the dimensions of duct ports available in the tent to estimate the amount of supplies you’re going to need. Grow tents have dedicated duct ports for intake and exhaust, a larger intake and exhaust, and wire, pipe, and cable management. Most tents also have streamlined air vents for easier humidity control and air exchange. 

  • Consider Adding a Carbon Filter

Cannabis plants develop a distinctive smell as they grow. While proper ventilation helps ensure fresh air inside your tent, the strong smell from terpenoids and terpenes in the plants can attract nosy neighbors. Installing a carbon filter contributes to eliminating this strong odor. 

As the carbon filter’s surface builds up dirt and impurities, its efficiency in filtering the smell will decrease. Ideally, carbon filters last for up to two years. As long as the terpene smell becomes noticeable again, it’s a green flag to load a fresh carbon filter. 

  • Conduct A Dialing-In and Safety Scan

Once your grow tent setup is ready, don’t immediately proceed to arrange your cannabis plants inside. Perform a dialing-in and safety scan first to determine the perfect balance in different growing conditions present inside the tent, which helps ensure that all pieces of equipment are running safely. 

Additionally, try swaying your tent and see if any suspended materials, like the fans and lights, will fall. Make sure that these instruments are attached securely, especially the electrical outlets. 


Bottom Line

Growing your own weed is a fun learning experience. Instead of purchasing your cannabis commercially, you can cultivate your own while having maximum control over its growth. Setting up a grow tent is one of the best indoor cannabis growing methods, and these fundamental tips are discussed to lay the groundwork for a smooth-sailing cannabis growing experience.

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