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Monday, November 9th, 2020
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CBD oil is absolutely everywhere at the moment. You might see articles about it on the news or on social media. You could see it in your local health food shop, the beauty shop you frequent, or even in your local supermarket.


People talk about CBD oil all the time, and it seems to be the cure for everything. But, what exactly is CBD, and what can it be used for?


Let’s have a look now, and hopefully some of your questions can be answered.


Just What Is CBD?

CBD is derived from the marijuana and hemp plants, and stands for cannabidiol. When we think about marijunana, what we think about is the psychoactive effects, or how it gets the user high. This is caused by a chemical within the plant called THC, which has psychoactive effects.


To get CBD oil, the CBD is extracted from the plant, and then mixed with a carrier oil, usually hemp seed oil, or sometimes coconut oil.


The CBD oil that is most commonly available is extracted from the hemp plant, because this has the lowest quantities of THC, and the CBD that is extracted generally has less than one percent of THC in it.


CBD and THC do actually have many of the same medical benefits, but as we have said, THC will get you high, which is quite inconvenient if you want to use it to treat a medical issue but also continue with your life in the normal way.


Because of the lack of THC in CBD oil, it is becoming legal in many more places around the world. However, it is always worth checking on the laws where you live, to ensure you are not partaking in something that is illegal.


What Can CBD Be Used For?

CBD has a wide range of uses, and many of these are still being studied to see exactly how CBD can help in different medical situations.


The most common ailments that come to mind when thinking about CBD oil are anxiety and seizures.


There is still a lot of research being done on how CBD helps with these different ailments.


With anxiety, it is thought it makes receptors in the brain more, well, receptive to the hormone serotonin, which often has poor uptake in those who have generalised anxiety disorders or clinical depression.


It also helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate, which are often elevated one one is anxious or stressed.


CBD has been tried in those who have disorders that cause seizures, and there have been some promising results, although this is still heavily researched. In some people it has a very good effect, whilst in others it causes severe side effects, so always talk to your doctor before trying CBD oil.


Other ailments CBD oil is being researched for are chronic pain, acute pain, migraines, inflammatory bowel disease, insomnia and sleep disorders, amongst many others.


There are many retailers of CBD such as Hide and Seek CBD who can advise you on what other benefits it has.

How Can You Take CBD?

There are several different ways to take CBD, and your preferred method will depend on what you want to take it for.


Some people would prefer to not put the CBD into their bodies through liquids or smoking, and if they are using it for muscle pain or joint aches, then they may apply it directly to the area in the form of a cream or a gel.


If you decide to go for an oral route, you would be looking at using the more traditional CBD oil that uses a dropper to place on the tongue, or you could take it in a capsule form, or even as a chewy sweet.


The oral CBD can take a little longer to take effect, but the effects last longer, usually for around 6 hours, depending on the individual.


You can also choose to vape CBD, if you have an e-cigarette. Taking CBD in this way means it starts to take effect within 15 minutes, but it will start to wear off around two hours later, again depending on the person.


Are There Any Side Effects With CBD?

As with anything, there are always possible side effects.


The most common ones to look out for are lethargy, dizziness, nausea, irritability, anxiety, depression, digestive upset and a dry mouth.


Everyone will experience side effects in a different way, so if you are worried it is having an adverse effect, talk to your doctor.


Is CBD regulated?

No. This remains one of the biggest problems with CBD products. They are almost completely unregulated, so companies can make unsubstantiated, outrageous claims with no comeback.


Always look for a CBD with very low THC content, and if the product makes claims that are clearly exaggerated, such as curing a serious disease, then stay away from that product.


Due to this lack of regulation, one batch of CBD may have more THC than the previous one you purchased, but the label will make no mention of it.


Can Pets Have CBD Oil?

There has been no research into how CBD affects dogs, so it is hard to say exactly what benefits it has.


However, many pet owners have said that they have given it to their dog for pain, and have seen a marked change.


If you want to give your dog CBD oil, always check with your vet first.


Last Words

So, as you can see CBD has many beneficial effects, but we are just at the beginning of scientific research into exactly what this wonder product can do.


If you decide that you want to try CBD for a condition or illness you have, then it really is important that you talk to your doctor first to ensure it is safe for you, and that it won’t interact in a negative way with any medication you are already on.


It is well worth keeping an eye on the ongoing CBD research to see exactly how this wonder product will continue to benefit our lives in the future.

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