What Differentiates Hemp and Cannabis Seeds?

Friday, October 30th, 2020
cannabis seeds

With new regulations over the last few years, the market of hemp and the cannabis industry have both risen up rapidly. But although they come from the same plant, from a scientific standpoint, the rules applying to each are completely different. Therefore, it is interesting to understand what differentiates them, in terms of seeds but also how they are used and where they are sold.

Cannabis Seeds

Although cannabis seeds do come from the same plant as hemp seeds, they are usually recognized as the ones used for medicinal purposes or for recreational consumption. They are the key to create a high-quality product in both markets, on which production can be based. That is why there are so many different varieties of cannabis seeds on the market.

The farmers who grow cannabis, as well as the business people who sell it to the medical industry, share one important concern: Making sure that the cannabis seed they choose to grow and sell will come from a reputable and reliable source. Otherwise, the end product might not be as good as consumers and the pharmaceutical industry expect, which could mean losing clients. That is how important the seeds are in this industry.

Hemp Seeds

Before cannabis seeds became legal in some parts of the world, hemp had already created its own space in retail. There are many products based on hemp, including the seeds themselves, which can be eaten. They are nutritious and are usually found in health stores. People also add them to a variety of food, like smoothies, salads and other concoctions.

The emergence of the cannabis market has also helped hemp to gain new grounds. It has now left the shelves of stores to find a place in alternative health clinics, where it is being used more and more as treatment. It has also brought hemp oil to the forefront with new products such as cbd lotion and tinctures, while others also use it to cook.

What Separates the Two Seeds?

The real differentiation factor between hemp and cannabis seeds is the amount of cannabinoids inside them. In the US, to be considered hemp seeds, there cannot be more than 0.3% of the component found inside the Cannabis sativa plant from which they are taken. In other regions of the world this percentage may vary.

But the biggest difference today is probably the cost. You won’t pay the same price when you buy hemps seeds at the store as if you buy cannabis seeds. The second variety will always be much more expensive to acquire.

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