What Is Dabbing?

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020
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Dabbing is the process of heating wax concentrates to produce inhalable vapor. Dabbing usually involves a dab rig with two primary components; a dab nail and a water reservoir. For those unfamiliar with a dab rig, they are nearly identical to bongs. Instead of a bong bowl for dry herb, however, the dab nail for concentrates takes its place.

What is the Dabbing Process?

When you dab, you need to make sure that your dab rig is prepared. This involves filling the water reservoir within the dab rig, picking the dab nail you plan on using, and making sure you preferred wax concentrate is easily accessible once the dabbing process begins.


When the dab nail is placed into the dab rig, a heating torch is used to superheat the dab nail. Depending on the material the dab nail is made from, the amount of time used to heat the dab nail will vary. Usually, you will heat the dab nail until it is red hot.


After the dab nail is heated and slightly cooled from its red hot temperature, a dabbing tool is used to scoop up the wax concentrate and apply it to the hot dab nail. This produces vapor, which the user will draw through the dab rig, into the water reservoir, and finally into their lungs.


In between dab hits, a carb cap can be used. A carb cap is a tool that covers the dab nail to prevent excess vapor or heat from escaping, allowing your dab hits to be more efficient. This dabbing process is repeated until the user is finished.

Are There Alternatives to Dabbing with a Dab Rig?

Yes! Many find that using a blow torch to heat the dab nail to be an intimidating process. There are a couple of alternatives to a traditional dab rig that still allows you to enjoy the dabbing process.

Dab Pens

Dab pens are like vape pens, except instead of using vape oils, dab pens use wax concentrates to produce vapor. They offer a simple, easy to use solution for those that don’t want to invest in a traditional dab rig set up.


To use a dab pen, all you have to do is load your wax concentrate into the heating chamber, power the device on, press and hold the power button and take hits! Depending on the dab pen you have, you may have access to different features, including precision heating options and different heating element options.


An enail is an electronic dab nail that is used in a traditional dab rig set up. However, instead of using a blow torch to bring the dab nail to temperature, you have to do with an enail is just turn it on. Using battery power, the enail will automatically come to your preferred dabbing temperature.


Enails offer a lot of advantages over traditional dab nails. You can often set precise temperatures, which will help your dabbing experience be more consistent. Enails also maintain their temperatures, meaning you don’t need to continually apply heat like you will with a traditional dab nail.


The downside to an enail is their cost, which can easily be more than a hundred dollars, if not hundreds of dollars. However, if you have the budget to invest in one, they simplify the hardest part of using a traditional dab rig.

How Do I Choose the Best Piece of Dabbing Equipment?

Choosing between a dab rig, a dab pen, or an enail can be challenging, so it’s best to determine what particular dabbing experience you want to achieve. If you don’t mind using blowtorches and want easy access to water filtration, dab rigs are a great choice.


If you want to have the choice to dab on the go, you should consider a dab pen. Most are discreet, allowing you to dab in public places without drawing a lot of attention. They are also very easy to travel with and don’t have any particularly fragile components, unlike a glass dab rig.


If you want the taste advantages offered by a traditional dab rig but are intimidated by having to use a blow torch, then an enail is just what you’re looking for. They don’t change the essence of the dabbing experience and still allow you to use water filtration for cool, tasty hits. Instead, they simplify the dab nail heating process that is very approachable for beginners.

Where Can I Find Dabbing Equipment?

Dabbing is beginning to grow in popularity, so the availability of dabbing is growing. Vape stores and dispensaries will often have some kind of dab rig or dab pen available, especially if they sell wax concentrates.


Of course, the easiest place to find dabbing equipment is still online. It’s easy to find a wide variety of dab rigs, dab nails, dab pens, and enails to make sure you get the exact dabbing experience that you want. You can buy directly from manufacturers, or you can buy from dedicated vaping sites that have lists of products that are easy to compare.


Take your time evaluating your needs, and that will help make sure you get a product you are happy with on the first purchase!

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