Weed Personas: What Your Style of Getting Baked Says About You

Thursday, October 8th, 2020
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Are you new to marijuana, or are you already a long-time user? Regardless, if you’re using for recreational or medical purposes, one thing is certain: weed offers something positive.

Any user you ask will attest to its positive effects. Beyond pain relief, it also provides you relief from anxiety and depression.

Hence, two-thirds of Americans are pushing for the legalization of marijuana. But as a user, did you ever wonder what getting baked or high means? Interestingly, your style of getting high says something about your personality.

Getting Baked with Joints

Let’s start with the simplest and most popular method of getting baked: the joints. Joints refer to the method of placing the weed inside a small piece of paper before rolling the latter.

People who smoke marijuana through joints are the old-timers. These are the people who experienced the flower power of the 70s. The younger generation also picks up on smoking joints from hanging around them.

A quality joint smokers have is that they’re always on the move. They are the ones who look for adventures and cannot stay put in one place. This means they always meet new people on the road. 

This makes them generous people by nature. They don’t hesitate to share the pleasures they experience with people they meet along the way. Hence, you see people passing their joint to the person next to them without any hesitation.

Rolling a joint is also a precise task. You don’t want it too loose or tight lest you ruin your experience. Being experts at doing this, joint smokers are also meticulous and have an appreciation for small details.

The Pipe

Using a pipe is a telltale sign of people who use up the entirety of their stash. Since the weed is old and the effects are weak, rolling them in joints don’t give that high you are looking for. Mashing them in a pipe is a great way to get feel their effects, though.

This means that most pipe smokers are people who don’t like wasting anything. You can count on them to make the most out of what they have. You can also go as far as calling them a friend to the environment, as they won’t tolerate waste in any situation.

Some even go old school and use an apple pipe. As the name suggests, its a pipe made from a carved apple. It’s good as a last resort option if you don’t have any other pipes available on hand.

This marks pipe smokers as creatives. They think of solutions outside the box to address their problems at hand.

The Bong

If the pipe is for the apprehensive type, the bong is for the assertive one. You want to face life’s challenges head-on. You may even prefer going through the touch road instead of the less bumpy one.

Bongs often cost more than any other device on this list. This is because they’re bigger and take up more material to make than other methods. This plays into their assertive personalities as it means they have more money to burn.

Because they’re bigger, it’s often an inconvenience to bring them around. Users often keep them in one place and only smoke from there. Because they’re an assertive bunch, it’s hard to tell them to smoke somewhere else if where they’re smoking now bothers you.

Bongs also deliver a high amount of CBD with each puff. This is perfect for users as they desire the feeling of getting stoned. They’re no-nonsense individuals who want what they expect as soon as possible.

Via Edibles

People who choose to go for edibles are the type that knows how to stay in control of things. This is because it’s easy to get a bad trip from eating too many edibles in one go. You need control to prevent yourself from overindulging in them.

Furthermore, they know how to value their weed. They can go all out when buying high-quality weed, especially when they are the ones preparing the edibles. The good thing about edibles is you can use different hemp strains as alternatives to marijuana.

Edible users also have an affinity with food. These combined traits allow them to become efficient with their use as edibles often hit harder. This will depend on the dish and the strain they’re using, but you can expect a good high from edible users.

Blunt Wraps

Blunt wraps are like the cousins of traditional joints. Their main difference is the size, with blunts being fatter. This is because they don’t bother tightening the warp and use more weed, instead.

This becomes a key difference in how they act compared to joint smokers. They’re more care-free with their weed-use. You can also expect them to be like this in other regards.

They’re also a creative bunch like pipe users. This is because others use tobacco leaves instead of paper to roll their blunts with. This is stronger and tougher on the throat when smoked.


People who take up vaping are often the ones who are conscious about their health. This is because many sources of information point to vaping being a healthier alternative to smoking. Regardless of their validity, these people will do what it takes to get healthier.

You can expect them to be as toned as they can be in their physique. They live their healthy lifestyles to the fullest.

The Bowl

Last but not least is the bowl. This method is an instant hit for people who are clean, economical, and punctual.

Preparing a bowl of pot involves connecting the bowl into a bong or pipe. You will then prepare your bowl packs by finding a heating source. A popular option is a butane lighter.

Thereafter, you will have to grind your weed pieces to break them down. After grinding, you can start packing your bowl with weed then begin heating up.

The preparation process becomes attractive to people who love doing things step-by-step. They get a certain sense of satisfaction on top of the hit.

Increase Your Weed Knowledge

Understanding what your smoking preferences say about your personality adds more color to enjoying weed. It can also guide you in choosing the method that suits you best. Getting baked is only one of the many things to learn about cannabis.

We invite you to check our other articles on weed. We discuss relevant topics that will help you become a more responsible weed smoker and more.

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