How CBD Products Can Help Against Coronavirus Symptoms

Thursday, October 8th, 2020


High-quality CBD oils and products can help relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and lung inflammation to restore the structural damage to the lungs.


There is a lot of news going on recently about the discovery of potential vaccines to stop the Coronavirus. We still haven’t found a fully working remedy but are on our way.


Covid-19 has taken the world by storm. In search of maintaining our health in the new normal, we are now more conscious about hygiene and natural products. Which is why natural medicines are also making a comeback in keeping our mind and body fit.


Some people are even wondering if CBD or Cannabidiol can help us fight against the Coronavirus. Since we still have not discovered the best way to fight against the virus, there is plenty of room for speculation.


In this article, we are going to talk about the connection, effects, and also some confusion related to high-quality CBD products and the virus that shook the world, the Coronavirus.


How CBD Is Extracted?

CBD or Cannabidiol is an oil that is extracted from hemp or cannabis. The chemical compounds of this oil naturally exist in common marijuana plants.


Despite being extracted from marijuana, this oil does not make you high like THC neither does it have any intoxicating upon consumption.


This is due to the methods used to extract the oil. Most researchers use the CO2 method where CO2 is used as a solvent. It is used on high pressures to safely extract the oil.


Another method called alcohol extraction can be used where ethanol is used as a solvent but sometimes takes away the plant qualities.


The most recent method of extraction is by using virgin olive oil. It is a safe method where there is the added benefit of olive oil.


Either way, the extraction methods are safe and meet all the safety measures by the FDA. The product is also safe and currently, CBD can be found in different forms even in the form of gummies, that you can buy from CBD gummies UK.

Now that you know that CBD is safely extracted and poses no threat of intoxication let’s get back to the topic on hand.


CBD & Coronavirus

CBD has gained quite the popularity of reducing pain, depression, anxiety, improving heart condition, and even reducing cancer-symptoms. CBD still has no direct connection in fighting the deadly coronavirus.


However, ongoing research shows us that it can certainly help with alleviating the symptoms of the virus and ease the conditions of the patients.


Here are 3 CBD health benefits that help against the Coronavirus-


1. Reliefs Pain

Increased muscle pain throughout the body is a common effect of Coronavirus. This pain only gets worse.


ECS or endocannabinoid system is the thing that registers these symptoms of pain and aches and transfers throughout the body.


Research has found that CBD affects the ECS system and prevents the transfer of the pain to the central nervous system. This helps greatly in relieving the pain caused by the coronavirus.


CBD products and oils in general works well in handling migraines.


2. Helps With Lung Inflammation

Coronavirus affects our respiratory system so it is only natural to have severe effects in our lungs.


The virus causes cytokine storms which in turn causes inflammation in our lungs. This further depletes the levels of oxygen in our bodies.


Recent studies have shown high-quality CBD can help reduce the amount of inflammation. Inflammation and COX-1 receptors can cause even more pain and respiratory damages.


Opioid medication is used to reduce the levels of inflammation. But CBD is stated to be ten times more effective in restraining glutamine and other triggers that cause inflammation.


CBD can restrain cytokines and increase the overall levels of oxygen in the blood and the body to revitalize our lungs and make the healing process faster.


There are still clinical trials ongoing to discover more about the impact of CBD in lung infection and inflammation but the results are so far promising.


3. Mitigates Depression & Anxiety

Like we said CBD is not going to directly affect the coronavirus. But it can significantly help with the healing process and reduce its after-effects.


Covid-19 has caused both severe health and mental problems for us. 70% of the entire population is now suffering from anxiety and depression for different reasons due to Covid-19. Severe anxiety can deteriorate heart health and even intensify respiratory diseases.


Clinical studies have claimed that CBD can be used to reduce anxiety and depression of patients. But it is advised that patients discuss with a healthcare professional before taking any CBD oil.


The Use Of CBD During Covid-19

Back in March when the outbreak of the virus was spreading over continents at a rapid speed, the FDA warned not to use NSAID to treat the coronavirus. It stated that regular NSAIDS could further increase the chances of the coronavirus’s damage and hinder its treatment.


However, soon after that in April, another notice was published by Britain’s NHS that there was no scientific or clinical proof that NSAIDS can worsen the effects of coronavirus or that it could hinder its treatment.


This created an ongoing confusion about whether CBD or other NSAIDS can be legally used on patients. Besides, CBD is not legalized in many states. Only 30 states have given legal permission.


Because of that it also did not get the confirmation from FDA for mass use against Covid-19. But the FDA did permit it as a drug for children with epilepsy.

Which indicates its legitimacy and other benefits.


The confusion has halted the use of CBD on Covid-19 despite having possible health benefits.


CBD can still be used to reduce anxiety and depression. If you are not suffering from Covid-19 and your state has legal permission then you can use it under prescription.


Final Thoughts

It is still unclear whether or not CBD will be permitted to be used widely over the world to fight Covid-19. As of now it is still not being referred to despite having promising prospects. But as we said before it can be used to reduce anxiety. Anxiety and depression can automatically weaken our immune system. At a time like this high-quality CBD oil can be a great natural remedy to keep our mind, body, and immune system strong and running.

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