The Real Reason You Buy CBD Edibles

Saturday, October 3rd, 2020
cbd edibles


If you want to get high from cannabis then smoke cannabis or ingest it. CBD products will not give you the high that you are seeking. This is not the reason why you would buy CBD edibles.


If you are already taking CBD edibles then you have probably already tried all the medication, and treatment that the doctors and hospitals have offered you, but nothing they offer has worked.


In which case you would seek alternative medication. Such as CBD edibles and if they work for you, why would you want to change your medication. There are many beneficial nutritional CBD products available


The real reason you buy CBD edibles is for your health and wellbeing and what treatment works best for you. There are so many different types of CBD edibles all of which are beneficial to your mental and physical wellbeing.


The Reason Why CBD Edibles Are Becoming so Popular


Although CBD has been praised in recent times there is still very little known about how beneficial CBD actually is.


It is only within the last two years that the food and drug administration approved a CBD drug designed to help with serious epilepsy within young children.


Although it seems that CBD is relatively new it was actually first used in the 1940s when it was first tested on animals. It was an oil based substance. Even then it showed potential signs of pain relief. 


CBD products also seem to have an overall better success rate than some of the medication that doctors prescribe is one of the major reasons why people are Buying CBD Edibles a lot. It is also the fact that you do not have to spend time making appointments and waiting in doctor’s surgery especially as the medication does not always work.


If you’re already seeking alternative medicine, then you probably have a good understanding of how the big pharmaceutical companies work and maybe you do not like what they stand for. Or just decided that a lot of medication does not work for you.


The fact that CBD edibles have helped people who suffer from serious illness such as cancer and chronic pain. Which at this moment in time there is no cure for? The only thing you can do is try and ease the pain, for many CBD edibles is the only medication that is helping.


One of the biggest increases within the mental health sector is anxiety and depression. If you have ever been unfortunate enough to suffer from either, then you will understand how hard day to day life can become. Then it would be a reasonable decision for you to buy CBD edibles.


CBD edibles have also cured illnesses that medication from doctors and hospitals have not been successful in treating. One of the biggest and most servere would be suffering from epilepsy.


Along With many pharmaceutical medications, there are so many different side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes you might have to take a different amount of pills in order to counteract different side effects.


Will CBD Products Increase my Appetite?


Although CBD and cannabis are two separate drugs they do hold some similarities. After taking cannabis you will more than likely get what is known as the munchies.


This is where you start to crave different types of foods. Most of the time you will crave sweet or fatty foods. This maybe to do with a lot of sweet and fatty foods is quick and easy to prepare and being stoned is known for making you lethargic.


CBD will not give you the munchies, but it could increase appetite. CBD calms the nervous system along with the digestive system which some research has proved that the less nauseated you are the more likely you are to eat.


Although the type of cravings are different and a lot less subtle with CBD it is actually a healthy thing. The fact that CBD products are types of painkillers that help with serious illness such as cancer and chronic pain. If you are in that much pain the last thing you would want to do is eat.



The Difference Effects between Smoking and Ingesting CBD


There are different opinions on how the best way to take CBD. Either to ingest or to smoke CBD. That would come down to your own personal preference.


Ingesting CBD is definitely the healthiest way for you to administer the drug. Not only does it last longer but it is not so intense. 


There is not enough research into how vaping or smoking CBD affects your health, and you don’t always need tobacco to smoke CBD, but let’s be honest putting any kind of smoke into your lungs is not healthy for you.


Edibles are also easier to control the dosages so you have a better understanding of how much you are taking. Back in 2017 there were some tests done on some of the online CBD vendors. 

The results were that some vendors were not labelling their dosages correctly.


The future of CBD Products and its use


Due to the ever growing popularity of CBD it can now be found in pretty much any product you can think of. CBD is connected to the hemp family, which we all know is one of the most environmentally friendly products that we know of.


Scientists are still unsure of how much of a carbon footprint CBD creates. To create a small amount of CBD it takes a lot of hemp.


No doubt you will be seeing CBD being used in a lot more products within the coming years. Not only to help you with many aspects of pain relief, but, by the looks of things could it be a solution to a lot of the environmental issues that the planet is being faced with.


You can make a difference to the environment by choosing the products in which you buy. Which will more than likely include CBD products along with hemp and hopefully you will see more and more sustainable materials being used more frequently in all aspects of consumerism

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