In All Shapes and Forms: 4 Ways to Enjoy CBD That Don’t Involve Vaping

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020
Enjoy CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD is an all-natural remedy people use to help relieve the symptoms of everything from anxiety and stress to the side effects of cancer treatments.  The most popular way to get CBD into your system is through Vaping or smoking; however, many individuals do not delight in this type of CBD delivery.

Below are 4 different ways to enjoy CBD without having to Vape:

CBD Edibles


Many companies that produce CBD offer a wide variety of edibles for those individuals that want to benefit from CBD without having to smoke it. One of the more popular edibles is CBD gummies. These are created similar to the traditional candy gummies children and adults have loved for decades, although they are not meant for children


Other CBD food products include desserts like brownies, cakes, and other candies such as lollipops, hard candies, and chews. When purchasing candies that contain CBD, always read the ingredient list and be sure to keep the edibles away from children and pets at all times.


CBD Oils


Another of the most popular delivery systems for the CBD is in oil form. It typically comes in a small glass vial with an eyedropper and can be taken directly in the mouth, with most individuals placing a few drops under their tongue.


Another benefit of CBD oils is that it can be added to edibles for a better-tasting delivery system. The CBD oils are the most potent and this makes them the most popular, but the taste leaves much to be desired. The oils themselves can be a bit bitter and therefore not the best in terms of flavors.


CBD Water


Several companies that produce different CBD products have come up with a way to infuse the water with the CBD oils and most of them taste pretty good. They are often found in different flavors including berry, mint, and vanilla. Most people say they enjoy this type of water when it is extremely cold. You may need to sample a few different brands of this type of water before you find the one you like the most.


CBD in Topical Form


Topical CBD is usually a form of cream or lotion, a salve, or thick ointment that one applies to the skin on top of the area of pain. This type of delivery system is best for those individuals suffering from arthritis, muscle, or joint pains. It is also a faster way to administer the CBD benefits because you don’t have to wait for the oil to go through your bloodstream to find the pain. It is directly applied to the area of pain.


No matter which delivery system you choose for your CBD, always read the labels to make sure there are no ingredients you may be allergic to. You may talk with your general practitioner, however, most do not know about this natural pain reliever and will suggest other medications. But you can find valuable information on reputable websites about the benefits of taking CBD.

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