5 Signs You’ve Purchased High-Quality Hemp Flower

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020
Hemp Flower

Hemp flower is one of the most pleasant ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD. You get all the flavor and smoothness of cannabis, but without the psychedelic high that normally accompanies its use. Unfortunately, one thing hasn’t changed: It’s still possible to get ripped off by someone! This is usually done by selling low-quality hemp at high-quality prices. In order to avoid scammers, it is essential to look for these signs that you’ve purchased high-quality hemp flowers.

1. Full panel independent testing results were shared.

You can only be guaranteed that you’ve purchased high-quality hemp flower if a third-party has tested the product and confirmed the flower’s CBD potency and purity, as well as the absence of unwanted solvents, toxins, pesticides, and so on. Without independent proof that you’re getting what you expected, you just can’t be sure you’re purchasing organic hemp flower from a legit company.

Crescent Canna is a paragon in a sea of ambiguous claims and questionable hemp harvesting practices. The company boasts transparency from seed to sale of its Crescent Flower line, including details of its USA-based harvesting process and lab-tested hemp strains.

2. You opened the package to find that distinctive cannabis aroma.

Everyone knows the smell of cannabis, even if some don’t want to admit that fact. When you take some of your hemp flowers in hand, you should be able to fill your nose with that distinctive smell. The smell will vary a lot from strain to strain, but you are looking for a fresh and pungent smell. Sometimes, when hemp is stored for too long, it can develop a musty smell. It will also lose some of its natural aromas as the terpenes and other chemicals break down.

Basically, the aroma will tell you how fresh the hemp flowers are. This plant has a relatively long shelf life, but you should never buy substandard-quality merchandise. Any bad taste that results from smoking hemp should be viewed with suspicion, as it could indicate several problems, including that the hemp is long past its expiration date or potentially contains harmful additives. Thankfully, you can avoid this problem by purchasing high-quality hemp flower from a reputable source.


3. Your flower is not too wet and not too dry.

Like any other plant-based product, hemp has to be thoroughly dried before use. This keeps its internal moisture from rotting the plant and locks in the flavor that we all like so much. However, not everyone gets the drying process right. If your hemp is either too wet or too dry, you might want to switch brands.

There are several tests that you can perform to determine if your hemp has been thoroughly dried. First, see if you can break one of the stems from your hemp flowers. They should break cleanly (or at least somewhat). If they bend a lot, or if they refuse to break at all, your hemp may be too wet. On the other hand, hemp that is too dry is no better. It crumbles to the touch, turning into dust, and it probably won’t taste or smell very good. You want a level of wetness that is somewhere in the middle of these extremes.


4. You’re looking at hemp with lots of trichomes and colorful hairs.

Trichomes are tiny hair-like structures that can be found all over the surface of the hemp flower. They give the plant a “fuzzy” appearance, but they do a lot more than that. These trichomes contain most of the plant’s active ingredients, including CBD. Thus, the number and quality of trichomes will tell you a lot about the CBD content of the hemp flower.

You can always tell hand-trimmed flowers from mechanically trimmed ones because their trichomes will be completely intact. Hemp that has been processed in a machine will tend to have a bit of visible damage to the trichomes.

The mature flowers of the hemp plant will be streaked with many little colored hairs. These are most often red, but they can be found in all sorts of other colors. Purple is particularly common among high-CBD hemp strains. So, do these hairs affect the potency of the product? No, not directly. However, they do indicate that the flower was fully matured when picked, and that is a good sign. Flowers with little to no hairs (they are technically pistils, the male part of the plant) were probably picked too early.


5. The company you purchased from commits to organic farming.

Hemp is a bioaccumulator, meaning that the plant will absorb whatever is in the soil it’s grown in. Sound unbelievable? Researchers have already successfully worked with hemp to improve soil contaminated with cadmium. What does this mean for your hemp cigarette?


It’s critical to purchase organically grown hemp (that again, has been lab-tested for purity) because it’s the only way to be sure your smoke is free from any toxins that might be hiding in the soil.

Final Thoughts

These five criteria will let you know whether you have purchased high-quality hemp flowers or low-quality dud buds.

But you only have to face these quality issues if you are buying from someone who is not reputable. If a company is known to sell high-quality CBD products, they will make sure that they maintain their high-quality standards to avoid going out of business. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about quality. People buy from companies that they trust will consistently deliver them high-quality hemp flowers. Once you find a company that you trust, stick with them and you’ll be alright.

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