5 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Weed

Wednesday, September 9th, 2020

Growing your own weed is a rewarding experience. Beyond just having your weed anytime you want it, it also has a lot to do with the experience of planting it. Think of this process as you would grow any other plant. When you cultivate your plants, you have a sense of pride and joy that you can come up with your own harvest. 

However, before you jump right into it, do remember that this article now talks about weed in a more relaxed manner than it used to in the past. Nowadays, there’s widespread acceptance of weed, particularly in places where it’s legal. If this is where you live, then you know you’re safe. If it isn’t, then don’t even bother risking it. While the benefits are plenty, always start by making sure that you’re growing weed legally.

If you’re in dire need of motivation to start your weed garden, here are some great reasons to do so:

1. You Have Full Control Over The Resulting Weed

Especially if you intend to use weed for medical purposes, you’ll want to make sure that the resulting weed is completely safe. This means it’s free of add-ons like unnecessary chemicals through pesticides and fertilizers. You have full control over the resulting weed because you’re the one growing it from seed to plant.

While there are so many dispensaries that offer weed at your convenience, not all these have good quality. It’s always hard to track down where street-bought weed comes from. By growing your own, you have full control over the standards you set for your weed. That way, when you further process it, you’re also guaranteed high quality CBD oil or other products, for instance.

 2. You Can Experiment With Different Growing Methods

If you naturally have a green thumb, here’s the fun part: there are many growing methods you can apply with weed. When you’re cultivating it in your garden, you can experiment with these different growing methods:

  • Plain Dirt

This is the traditional method of growing just about any other kind of plant. It would help if you kept it properly watered and fertilized. Most importantly, take note of the soil quality, as it also has to be superior.

The advantages of this method are that it’s cheaper and also easier. No special fertilizers are needed, as even the standard nursery ones will do. A disadvantage, however, is that the soil can be of uncertain quality.

  • Topping

This process involves cutting the top of your plant. That way, you can encourage it to grow fuller and thicker on the sides. Rather than keeping your weed tall and skinny, a busy one will result in a higher yield.

This works effectively simply because, with topping, the plant is wider. This means that more of the plant is directly under sunlight. In effect, the plant grows stronger as well.

  • Coco Fiber/Rock Wool

Generally, most growers will use soil as the main medium to hold the roots. But another medium can be used, too. This is coco fiber or rock wool, which doesn’t have any of the problems otherwise found in ordinary soil.

The advantages of growing with coco fiber/rock wool include the weed yielding better results than soil, even if the growing process is as easy as cultivating marijuana in regular soil. This is also cleaner, as it results in lesser mess and bugs.

The only disadvantage of growing through coco fiber/rock wool is that it’ll be more expensive than ordinary soil as it requires more special fertilizers.

  • Fimming

The fimming process is similar to that of topping, except you’re only trimming the top part rather than removing it. This is less traumatic for your weed while also encouraging bushy growth.

Fimming works best with young cannabis plants, as this can result in extra flowering. 

  • Hydroponics

This is growing weed in something like gravel, without soil or vegetables in the mixture. To encourage growth, water mixed with specialized fertilizers can be poured on the gravel.

Your weed plants’ roots grown through hydroponics will have a major taproot that consists of small and clean white hair.

The main advantages of growing marijuana this way are that it’s cleaner, as no soil is used, and it also has much bigger yields. However, hydroponics is more labor-extensive, as pH and nutrient levels will need to be strictly monitored.

For as long as you stay dedicated, any of these methods will yield excellent products. You can also learn more tips about growing cannabis outdoors and purchasing seeds from Seed Supreme.

3. You’ll Save Money

In places where weed is legal, you’re sure to find many of these even on the streets. However, weed is expensive. Whatever budget you have right now, buying seeds will always be cheaper. That way, you can start growing it. Then you’ll see the substantial difference in savings with cultivating your own versus buying one.

After the drying and curing process, healthy weed plants produce around an ounce of cannabis flowers. When you practice the right control over growing it, you can manage and produce several crops yearly.

4. You’ll Have Fun

Planting is a very fun hobby, and it can also be a good method for stress-relief. When you enjoy something, it also becomes something pleasurable to you rather than a chore. Through planting weed, you’ll also learn so many skills such as designing your growing system, the basics of gardening, and even a touch of carpentry.

Growing weed can be good for your health, as it’s an active hobby that also lets you pass the time. Especially when you do this outdoors, growing weed is a fun hobby that’s great both for your mind and body.

5. You’ll Always Have Stock

Because you’re now growing weed in your backyard, you’re making yourself self-sufficient. You don’t have to rely on the availability of stocks from sellers. Especially if you’re going to use weed for medical purposes, you’ll want to ensure that you never run out. More importantly, this takes away the need for you to deal weed with other people, if this isn’t something you wish to do.


These reasons are only a few of the many to convince you that growing weed is a good idea. From cutting down costs to controlling exactly what you smoke, you can ensure that the weed in your hands is of exceptional quality. If marijuana use has already been legalized in your place, this should encourage you even more about growing your weed. Because it’s so easy to do, all the more that you won’t have any reason not to grow your own.

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