Cannabis smoking etiquette all smokers should follow

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

No matter who you’re smoking with or where you are, there’s a set of unwritten rules that come with smoking in groups of people. By following the cannabis culture rules, you’ll ensure you don’t embarrass yourself by doing something that long-time smokers wouldn’t. Most of the rules are for people who smoke marijuana to get stoned, meaning THC, but the rules can also apply to people who are smoking exclusively CBD joints.

So, if you haven’t been smoking for years, here are some rules to smoking cannabis that you might not have been aware of. Before we start, be sure to buy from a reputable source with quality cannabis strains. You can check out Online Dispensary Canada’s guide to choosing the best dispensary to understand what to look for.

Respect the roller

You don’t have to be a great roller but respect the one who is. If you’re not a good roller and somebody in the group is, don’t try to be the hero. Let the person who knows what they’re doing do the work. There’s nothing worse than sacrificing your time to roll a joint if it comes out looking like a soggy cigarette. You might find yourself one day becoming a great roller but if you don’t have the confidence in churning out a perfect joint, let the pros handle it. You’d hate to have good weed and a bit of time wasted on a less-than-ideal joint.

Make good filters

Filters (or crutches) can be made from any paper-like material. Business cards work best, as does any other type of thin cardboard, magazine covers, or cigarette and gum packs. Make sure the filter is good, though, You don’t want it to be too tight, otherwise no airflow will get in, and you don’t want it to be too loose. Ideally, rip off (or cut) the cardboard into a small ¼ inch size and then roll it into an M (for marijuna) or upside down as a W (for weed). The shape of an M or W will create a good air flow and can result in a better high. Make sure the filter isn’t lodged too deep into the weed or too loose. If it falls out as the joint is being passed around, you’ll have a split-second decision to make. If you don’t end up using a filter, at least know the terminology: going Marley, named after Bob Marley.

Don’t hit it without contributing

If you’re not contributing to the collective effort of smoking the weed, at least offer something else. Oftentimes, many different strains of weed will be thrown into the pile or if there’s a big group, two or more people will roll a joint or several. There’s no stress if you don’t have any weed on you but at least offer some cash, food, or drinks to the people supplying the weed. Or, if you’re comfortable, you can offer to roll the weed. Just don’t be one of those people who doesn’t contribute and always smokes, those people get noticed real quickly.

Puff, puff, pass

Puff, puff, pass is one of the most iconic weed etiquettes. Since smoking joints is  such a shared and social experience, the idiom of puff, puff, pass is meant to ensure that some smokers aren’t hogging long hauls to themselves. Take at most two puffs and then pass the joint on to the next person. Obviously, some smokers might have different rules but the usual mantra is to P, P, P. Just stick to that unless told otherwise.

Ash before the pass

When it comes to passing a joint around, don’t hand someone a joint that is about to ash. You wouldn’t want to take a joint as ash is falling to the ground, your clothes, or your favourite piece of furniture. If you take a couple of hauls and notice the ash is falling off, simply ash it on the ground and pass it off, ready to go, to the next person.

The joint is not a microphone

Since smoking is such a social thing, be weary that you’re not yapping while you’re holding the joint. By all means, be ready to share your story just don’t do it while you’re holding the lit spliff. If you’re standing around talking while the cherry continues to burn, you might not get invited back to too many smoking circles.

Stick to the rotation

Look, when you’re stoned you might get a bit confused. That’s why it’s best to have a rotation and stick to it. It’s pretty common knowledge among smokers to know that when a joint is lit and then smoked, it gets passed to the left. Once there’s a steady rotation, you don’t have to worry about who to hand it off to and who hasn’t gotten their turn. Since you’re all standing in a circle anyway, passing it to the left will ensure that everyone gets their turn. After all, sharing is caring.  

Keep that exhale to yourself, yo

Just be mindful of which direction your exhaled smoke is going. Obviously, you can’t control it perfectly but nobody wants to get a mouthful of somebody else’s exhale. You can sort of control where your exhale smoke is going by tilting your head back and releasing into the air. You could also turn away from everyone and exhale the smoke to your side. You might accidentally get some exhale to the person next to you but as long as you’re not doing it maliciously, you should be fine.

Don’t pass the roach

The passing of the joint is almost a ritual, don’t scar it by passing someone a roach that has only one hit left. Plus, it’s admittedly pretty awkward to hand someone a small piece of cardboard on fire. It’s essentially just an invitation to burn someone’s hands. Besides, you wouldn’t want to pass someone a roach that has no weed left in it. That’s like gifting someone just a decorated box for christmas with no gift inside.

Roller is the sparker

Traditionally, the person who rolled the joint should spark it. You wouldn’t want to take someone’s effort and then light it. There’s also ways to properly light the joint and good rollers tend to know how to light a joint so it burns evenly throughout.

To light a joint properly, run it under a flame for a few seconds until the end, the “cherry,” gets nice and hot so you don’t have to keep relighting it as it gets passed around.

It’s cool to leave

Whenever you’re in a group of people, it might be common to have a little freak out. If that’s the case, simply walk out of the circle and find some space. It’s not really fair to have a bug out in front of a group of people because it could ruin their buzz.

Weed smoking is most often done in a group setting. It’s a social thing and throughout the hundreds of years that people have been smoking, a series of unwritten rules has been passed down from generations of smokers who still keep up with the tropes of smoking weed. Even if you’re smoking an all-CBD joint, you should partake in the traditions of its THC cousin.

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