Privacy Protection with Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Sunday, August 30th, 2020

Ever had a pressing interview that required you to present a sample of your urine? This situation is a common occurrence for most people. Unfortunately, with the modern lifestyle, most people find themselves on the wrong side of these tests having indulged in some party or some event. With alcohol and marijuana becoming very common drugs, it is often possible for you to find yourself stranded as to whether to present your natural urine, or to hand over synthetic urine for testing. There is also the issue of privacy protection regarding such tests. Here is what you should know about your privacy and urine tests.

You Privacy Protection Has Limits

Privacy protection policy does not allow any individual, organization, or institution, whether private or public to share any information considered private with anyone. The policy protects individuals from having their personal information shared without their consent.  Many employees require that you provide test results mostly of your urine before you can get a job. While many people may view this as an infringement to your privacy, the employers must get your medical report part of which is a urinalysis. The medical report lets your employer be aware of any condition you could be having in case of emergencies. Your employer, however, is not allowed to share this information with any other person, including another potential employer. The analysis is only limited to be used by the intended person.

Using Fake Urine

Passing a urine test is dependent on several factors. These factors include if you have taken an illegal substance, how often you take it, and the time concerning when you take the urine test. When looking for jobs, employers require that you take this test to determine if you abuse any drugs. You can easily lose a job position if any of the illegal substances are detected in your bloodstream. It is for this reason that most people prefer using fake urine, which they present for the analysis.

The nagging question is the legality of using this fake urine. According to employee laws, presenting fake urine for this purpose is illegal. While you cannot be convicted for the same, you can jeopardize your chances of getting meaningful employment. Individuals caught using this substance to cheat their way through have their data recorded on databases that potential employers can access. Most people consider this an infringement to privacy, and a violation of their human rights.

Should the Information be Protected?

Whether or not such information should be protected is both a legal and a moral issue. It is wrong for individuals to present fake urine in place of their real one for testing. Privacy protection applies to information acquired from tests done on individuals’ real urine. The results of such tests should be kept private and confidential. Information on fake urine is not to any extent private, since the substance in question does not belong to the individuals presenting them. Privacy protection should only cover that which is legal.

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