How To Find High Quality CBD Oil

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

Recent years have seen a surge in the popularity of CBD products. CBD has great benefits from helping with anxiety, to helping to relieve chronic pain, hence why it is so popular.

The CBD oil market has, as a result of its popularity, become completely saturated. The industry that produces CBD oil is unregulated, which means some products won’t be high quality, whilst others will.

How do you know which CBD oil to purchase? Hopefully this article can help you with knowing the benefits of CBD oil, and which CBD oil to choose.

What Exactly Is CBD Oil?

CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol oil, which comes from the marijuana plant. CBD oil does not contain THC which is the part of the plant that is desired to reach a ‘high’ in recreational usage.

In many places around the world, smoking marijuana is illegal, or heavily regulated. However, because CBD does not contain THC, it is perfectly legal but sadly the production of it is unregulated.

CBD Oil Provides Pain Relief

There have been reports that Marijuana has been used for thousands of years to help with the relief of pain.

Scientists have been doing studies into the role of CBD oil in pain relief for some time now, and have found that CBD oil does provide some relief from pain, in particular those who suffer with chronic pain.

It does also provide some relief to acute pain, such as pain after surgery, but seems to be more effective in chronic pain, such as arthritis, or long term back pain.

CBD oil, such as the CBD Queen brand of products are a good quality product that seem to have a good effect on pain symptoms.

CBD Oil Can Help With Epilepsy

You have probably heard or seen many stories of how CBD oils can help with reducing seizures in those with epilepsy.

CBD oil in these cases should only be taken with your doctor’s advice. You should not stop your normal epilepsy medication without talking to your doctor, and be aware that CBD oil can interact badly with some anticonvulsant medications.

However, there are some promising studies showing that in some forms of epilepsy, CBD oil can help reduce the frequency of seizures.

CBD Oil Helps With Anxiety

Mental illness is on the rise across the world, with diagnoses of anxiety and depression being higher than ever.

Many people suffering with these conditions will be prescribed SSRIs or similar, to help them feel more like their old selves, but there have been studies shown that taking CBD oil can help relieve symptoms in some people.

Care must be taken however, and always discuss with a medical professional before taking any medications, as certain drugs don’t mix well with CBD oil.

Also, it must be noted that cannabis, when smoked, that contains THC, has been linked to psychosis in some people. It seems to be people with already fragile mental health who experience these symptoms, so be sure to use THC free CBD oil if you do decide on this route.

CBD Oil Is Anti Inflammatory

CBD oil is well renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, and has a positive effect on the immune system in the human body.

This seems to have many different effects depending on what is happening within your body.

CBD oil has a positive impact on reducing acne, and seems to reduce the amount of oil in the glands of the skin which lead to pores getting blocked and acne forming.

These same anti inflammatory properties also can have a hand in reducing the symptoms attributed to chemotherapy for cancer.

Speaking of cancer, some particular forms of CBD oil help with slowing the spread of cancer.

Again, if you wish to take CBD oil, it is vitally important you talk to your doctor first.

How Do You Take CBD Oil?

CBD oil can be taken in several different ways. The most common is the liquid that can be dropped straight on to your tongue, or put into a drink if you don’t like the taste

It can also be in a spray form that you apply under your tongue, or to the inside of your cheek for fast absorption.

For a more targeted effect, you can apply the oil straight to an area of your skin, for example, your back in the form of creams or gels that absorb through the skin.

There are also tablets or capsules available with the active ingredients contained within.

Are There Any Side Effects?

As pointed out above, CBD can interact badly with some prescription medications, so always talk to a doctor.

CBD oil is a fairly low risk medication, but like all drugs, does have some possible side effects.

These are most commonly, gastric upset, dizziness, and hallucinations.

How To Find The Best CBD Oil?

When looking for a good CBD oil, always buy it from a licensed seller, and not from somewhere completely unregulated, like online marketplaces.

As with anything, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. So, if it is much cheaper than similar products, there’s probably a reason for that.

If the CBD oil you’re looking at claims it will ‘cure cancer’ or ‘fix your bad back’ then you’re probably looking at a subpar product. It would only need to make these outrageous claims to draw you in if it is actually a rubbish product.

CBD oil will usually contain a trace of THC, as it’s very difficult to make CBD oil completely pure of it. Look on the label for the percentage of THC, and you want it to be less than 0.03%. Any higher than this then you may start to experience effects you don’t wish to, such as the ‘high’ that THC brings. The higher the THC percentage, the more likely it is to be illegal in places where marijuana is banned.

You want CBD that has been extracted with carbon dioxide or alcohol. Low quality products will have used something like propane or butane, and these can leave harmful contaminants which you do not want to be ingesting.

A good CBD oil should also always tell you the amount of CBD oil in mg/ml so you know exactly what you’re getting.

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