Everything You Need to Know Before You Try CBD Edibles

Friday, August 14th, 2020

CBD edibles are one of the most popular products you’ll find on the market, even among beginners. There’s something about CBD that makes it perfect for this, as edibles allow the CBD to be released slowly into the bloodstream. Plus, it won’t have the hammering effect of your average cannabis edible. This makes edibles one of the best routes of administration for CBD. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know before you give these a try so you can get the most out of your experience.

Know Your Concentrations

It’s very important that you know what type of concentration you need to get any effects. If you’re like most people and are just looking for something as a sleeping aid or to relieve anxiety, then it’s recommended that you start with a small dose. Anything from 5mg to 20mg can be considered small, though you might not get much from a 5mg dose. However, it is still a good point to start and if that works for you, then there’s really no reason to go over.

The most important point is that you can clearly see what the dosage is, and that you can split doses easily. Companies like BLNCD, for instance, have small chocolates that count for 20mg each. These are a great option if you’re looking for something you can easily dose and that will taste great too.

The Entourage Effect

Another thing you should know about CBD is that while it does work great on its own, its effects can be enhanced and amplified when used with other compounds. It has been shown that various terpenes in the hemp plant could have different effects and make whatever product they’re in better.

Some terpenes are better for relaxation, like linalool for instance. Others might be better for their uplifting properties, like limonene. This is why you have to know from which type of CBD extract the product was made of. A full spectrum product will allow you to get all the benefits of the terpenes, while a CBD isolate product will give you CBD only. So, pick whichever product is better based on your preferences.

How to Use CBD Edibles

If you want to use CBD for something like anxiety relief, then you might want to consider looking at other products as well. This is because while CBD edibles will give you long lasting effects, they are the slowest to absorb, meaning that you may have to wait minutes or even hours to get the effects.

Edibles are best used with another fast-acting form of CBD, like a tincture or a topical if you’re looking for pain relief. You can apply a tincture under the tongue and start feeling the results immediately. You will then get relief until the edibles start kicking it.

CBD edibles can be a great way to get the benefits of CBD without all the side effects of smoking. It’s also very discreet, and will give you the long-lasting action you’ll need for a good night of sleep or to recover after a long day.

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