Magical Cannabis Drinkables To Beat the Summer Heat

Wednesday, July 29th, 2020

It should come as no surprise to cannabis aficionados that their favorite medicine comes in many shapes and sizes. Besides the traditional, combustion method, whether enjoyed in the form of a joint or a bong hit, there are many other ways to ingest marijuana into your system.

One of these ways is eating THC and CBD infused products. Corporations and amateur pot chefs alike are getting more and more creative when it comes to incorporating weed into snacks, desserts, or even proper, savory dishes! Although these are all great ways to enjoy this magical plant, the prospect of stuffing your face with heavy, sugary foods might not be the most attractive in the scorching summer heat.

This is why the cannabis industry is slowly, but surely starting to put together a wide variety of marijuana-infused drinks to quench the thirst of stoners all around the world. Regardless of whether you’re using pot in a recreational manner, or you rely on it for the many medicinal benefits it comes along with, cannabis drinkables are definitely worth a try! A lot of them can be ordered online, so you won’t have to bother with looking up “recreational dispensaries near me” to get your hands on some of these innovative marijuana products.

Even though it is still a relatively new and growing part of the weed industry, there are already plenty of beverages on the market that are filled to the brim with all sorts of cannabinoids! For starters, you can check out these tasty options listed below.

Kill Cliff

This CBD-heavy, fizzy beverage is marketed as a regeneration drink for athletes and other people that spend loads of time at the gym. Don’t worry though — if you fit the description of a couch potato more than a fitness maniac, you will still be able to enjoy the regenerative and relaxing benefits of Kill Cliff.

They come in three flavors: orange, blueberry, and peach, with each one of them being infused with a different strain of CBD-rich cannabis. You’re not likely to find it in many convenience and grocery stores, but even if you do, you’re probably going to get a better deal ordering the cans directly from the producer’s website, with free shipping on larger orders and attractive discounts for variety packs.

HiFi Hops

If the Kill Cliff drinks were an option for physically active, gym-going people, then the HiFi Hops are their exact opposite. Not to say that the sporty types won’t enjoy them as well, but they’re definitely going to make you less inclined to participate in any sort of physical activity once you empty two or three cans of this drink.

HiFi Hops come in two varieties: a lighter version with equal amounts of THC and CBD, and a stronger one, which only contains THC, the chemical responsible for getting you high. If you opt for the THC-only version, you’re guaranteed to get a great buzz going!

Cannabis Quencher

The Quencher is an option for those of you who are not afraid of the psychoactive power of THC. Containing an electrifying 100mg of the stuff, it is definitely not advised that you go for this beverage if you’re not familiar enough with cannabis and its effects.

Thankfully, the producers have also come up with a version of their drink that contains some CBD on top of a smaller (50mg) amount of THC. It is mango-flavored, and will probably turn out to be one of the best options for both novices and long-time weed aficionados. Combining the mellow, relaxing effects of CBD and the hard-hitting, psychoactive aspects of tetrahydrocannabinol, the moderate version of the original Cannabis Quenchers can provide you with a fun experience without freaking you out too much.

Two Flowers IPA

Many people tend to pit alcohol and marijuana against each other, especially online. It isn’t uncommon to come across these worn-out, condescending arguments, like “weed is better than alcohol — it doesn’t get you as fucked up” or “drunk drivers kill people, stoned drivers miss their exits” (the second one, in particular, is a load of crap — driving stoned is as dangerous as drunk driving).

All mind-altering substances have their ups and downs, there is no doubt about it. If you’re open-minded enough to embrace both alcohol and cannabis in one, delicious drink, you should definitely try out the Two Flowers IPA. This classic beer, with 6% alcohol content, was additionally infused with CBD, creating the perfect mix. If relaxation and relief from the summer heat are what you’re after, then cracking open a cold Two Flowers is the perfect way to achieve these goals!

Bottom Line

The pot-infused beverages listed above are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the growing market of cannabis drinks. Even though they are considered to be some of the best ones of their kind available on the market, keep in mind that there are plenty of other options you can explore, if none of them strike your fancy.

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