How To Choose The Right Dab Rig For You

Wednesday, July 29th, 2020
dab rig

A dab rig is a particular kind of smoking device that is specifically used for extracts, oils, wax, etc. Many of these rigs are usually filtered. However, some of them still do not hold water. A dab rig comes with two main parts. There are a body and a nail. The nail is a hot part. It vaporizes all the concentrates that you put into the device. The body is its main part that holds smoke and water.

Different types of dab rigs can be purchased from the online as well as offline stores. Listed below are some of the most popular products belonging to this category:

  1. Quintessential Dab Rig:

The average height of this dab rig is 9 inches. It is further available in a variety of sizes. This kind of device excels in terms of function as well as style. The water filtration feature helps to deliver some smooth hits and you will surely enjoy it during your parties. This device fits well in your hand. This dab rig has its style statement and it is very affordable in terms of its price.

  1. Mini Rigs:

Just as the name suggests, this kind of dab rig is a tad bit smaller in size. It can sit in the palm of your hand. The smaller size of this device makes it easy for you to carry it wherever you want. Another remarkable thing about this product is that it can preserve the flavors of terpenes better than its competitors.

  1. Recyclers:

The recycling feature of this dab rigs makes it apt for water filtration. This further helps in delivering smooth hits. This one is an amazing pick if you want something aesthetically appealing in your hands. The water swirls around and the entire arrangement looks gorgeous. The only drawback of buying a recycler is that it is going to cost you a little extra. Also, they are not the right pick for you if you want something in a smaller size.

  1. Honey Straws:

They are also known as nectar collectors and are a very popular type of dab rig. They are quite distinct in terms of appearance as well as function. Instead of using a dabber on the concentrates of the nail, you place the nail directly on a glass dish. The quality of this device is that they are very portable. You can use small torches to heat them. They are quite affordable as well. However, you are still required to be careful while using them because if the product is not used properly, it may lose the concentrates.

  1. E-Rigs:

E-rigs operate with a battery. It is a battery-operated rig standing as an all in one solution for all your smoking needs. The mechanism is very simple. You are simply required to push a button and drop the dab on a built-in nail. The all-in-one feature of this device makes it very portable. The only problematic thing about this product is the battery that comes with limited use.

You can buy different kinds of dab rigs both from the online and offline platforms. If you are searching for this device online, dab rigs from Bigdadysmoke are worth exploring. All the products manufactured under this brand are worth all the hype. Furthermore, the device doesn’t cost you a bomb and comes in good quality.

Similar to all the glass pieces, a dab rig is quite an investment. Thus, whether you buy it online or offline, you must make sure to pick the right one. There are many factors to consider while shopping for this product. We have listed down an easygoing buying guide that will help you choose the best device:

  1. It doesn’t matter if you dab daily or once in a blue moon, you must always pick a rag that can keep up with all your needs. Thus, it is advised not to blow your money on the product that doesn’t fit your style of dabbing. Do not buy an expensive item if you are not into it. Showing off here is of no use. Make sure you make a wise investment.

  2. The size of a dab rig is not everything. The small size would not detract you from the effect of its concentrate. Smaller rigs are more useful than the larger ones. This is because they give the vapor less time to cool and condense back into its oily form. Smaller rigs are easy to store and use.

  3. It is equally important to invest in a good torch. Thus, buy a high-quality torch over a heaper one. This will save you a lot of time and energy in setting up your perfect dab.

  4. Choosing a good nail is as important as choosing a good rig. A nail made using titanium is more durable. It also heats up quickly when compared to other options.

Furthermore, you can always show your style and type suiting your preferences. Aesthetic appeal is important and this is where your taste matters. Pick a dab rig that you love looking at. This buying guide will surely help you make a good choice.

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