9 Effective Ways to Improve Your Athletic Performance with Marijuana

Wednesday, July 29th, 2020

Naturally, athletes are looking for new ways to increase their performance and win competitions. Many substances can help with this, but the ideal solution seems to be marijuana, which, as a natural supplement, has many beneficial uses in sports.

Cannabis flower, seen as a medicine, allows us to look at it from a new perspective. The variety of applications is surprising. As an athlete, you can use it both to relax and focus. When you get injured during training, it’s a great recovery solution. It even helps to relieve anxiety before an important game.

Many athletes go through serious treatments and sometimes have to take anti-inflammatory pills long after surgery. The side effects of these drugs can be severe. Therefore, as an all-natural remedy, cannabis is a promising solution for getting rid of those medications.

1.  Healing effect

Intensive workouts practiced for a long time may be associated with a decrease in the regenerative capacity of the body, and this may increase the risk of injury, deterioration of performance or achieving effects in changing body composition. The CBD cannabis component applied to a sore spot, e.g., in the form of an oil or lotion, has excellent anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

2.  Longer Workout

When we exercise, we fall into a euphoric state caused by endorphins, but not only. It turned out that endocannabinoid AEA (cannabinoid produced by our bodies) also participated in this process. The release of these substances means that we can exercise longer and harder because they affect our pain threshold. THC mimics the AEA effect, which helps to extend training.

3.  Pain relief

It is normal to fight pain when you play sports regularly. THC microdosing before the practice may reduce the pain significantly. But remember to use the minimal dosage of THC. Starting with 1 mg of THC and reaching a maximum of 5 mg will let you control the effects.

4.  Reducing inflammation

One of the more promising findings is how the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, CBD, works against inflammation in muscles and joints. It turns out that CBD has a beneficial effect on reducing inflammation and may prove useful not only in the treatment of limbs after injuries but also in autoimmune conditions such as Crohn’s disease.

5.  Better sleep quality

Nothing can replace sleep. The consequences of long-term lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems! Sleep is essential for well-being – it regenerates the brain and the entire body. Athletes are subjected to a specific sleep regime. They have to go to bed at fixed times so that they can easily get up for training in the morning. Cannabis helps you relax before bedtime and ensures uninterrupted rest at night.

6.  Treating muscle spasms

Muscle cramps are associated primarily with magnesium deficiency. However, there are at least a few possible causes. They may be a consequence of the use of certain medications. They most often affect the legs, especially the calves. The reason relates to an imbalance between the nerve signal that stimulates the muscle and inhibits contraction. This may be a consequence of muscle fatigue. To prevent this from happening, after exercise, the body needs the relaxation necessary for recovery, which can be provided by cannabis used for performance-enhancing purposes.

7.  Decrease in anxiety

Anxiety is a natural emotional state that appears in everyday life. It is a normal reaction to the stress that competitive sports can cause. Prolonged anxiety and tension can become a severe disorder that makes it impossible to deal with everyday matters, and the person experiencing it is unable to control it. Cannabis has proven to be helpful in dealing with anxiety. The calming effect of marihuana helps to reduce the consumption of anxiety medications.

8.  Weight loss

To lose weight with cannabis, you need to determine what substance in marijuana is contributing to it. Unfortunately, THC is known to increase appetite. However, some low-THC cannabis strains that contain THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) will help you lose a few pounds. THCV is an appetite suppressant, so try to ask in your dispensary about THCV-rich products if you want to reduce your weight.

9.  Helps you to focus

Concentration is a key success factor in sports. It depends on, for example, how successful the passes to the other player will be and whether you arrange the body well to make the decisive throw to the basket. Marijuana allows you to focus on the here and now. It dismisses thoughts of a recent defeat and concerns about the next game. It allows you to focus and be aware of the moment – this makes the best athletes unstoppable.


It’s amazing how cannabis helps athletes who have different needs throughout their sporting careers. In this intense profession, there must be time for hard training and recovery before the competition.

Marihuana has a calming or alerting effect, which depends on the dosage you take. Knowing your body’s reaction will help you choose the best product that will work wonders increasing your effectiveness. You can take cannabis in various forms, smoke it or take it as edibles to help the body recover. If you are a cannabis enthusiast, enjoy the fact that improving your performance as an athlete just got fun and natural.

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