What E-Liquids Experts Don’t Want You To Know

Monday, July 13th, 2020

Vaping has become popular in the past decade. Smoking is on a massive decline, and one of the reasons for this is vaping. Many people have switched to vaping from cigarettes, and while some have remained passionate vapers, others have used e-cigarettes to quit smoking altogether.

But there have been a lot of controversies around vaping. They’ve been fuelled by the media and reports blown out of proportion, which has hindered the whole industry and inspired many myths about vaping. At the moment, there is a lot of false information and secrets surrounding vaping.

Even the industry experts have started to conceal information about vaping. According to our friends at, this is something that shouldn’t be ignored. That’s why we’ve decided to shed some light that can help people understand vaping the right way.

E-Liquids Are Addictive But Not That Harmful

No matter where you look for high quality vaporizers or simply information about e-cigarettes, you will see magical claims that e-liquids aren’t addictive. This isn’t true for one reason. Nicotine is addictive, and many studies prove that.

However, this is not the full scope of the story. First of all, e-liquids are very flexible. There are tons of options out there. Vapers have the opportunity to choose from different products that have different types of nicotine. Not only this, but they can choose how strong the nicotine is.

There are also vape juices that don’t have nicotine whatsoever. This makes them more manageable. People can reduce nicotine slowly and make up for it with more robust flavors or throat hit sensations. This makes it easier to drop nicotine altogether and overcome addiction.

You Can Make E-Liquids on Your Own

This is where both people for and against e-juices spread false information and create confusion. First of all, the industry is trying to promote their products and services. This is why they claim they have amazing technologies and expertise like “nobody else.”

Amongst other things, they often claim unique formulas of e-liquids. On the other hand, people against vaping claim that their products are unreliable, untested, and that there is no proof of what ingredients they use.

These are both false. To make vape juice, you need basic chemistry. It’s all about getting proper containers and ingredients. Anyone can mix them and create a simple e-juice. There aren’t many things that can go wrong with this approach, and lots of people create their own formulas.

There is a Lot of Variety

Due to massive controversy within the industry, many experts or companies that make vape juice claim that their products are the best. You might think, “well this is true for every industry”, but when it comes to e-liquids, this goes a step further. Companies often claim that other products are unsafe and even deadly.

They do this to make people buy their products, but in reality, they are giving the whole industry a bad rep. In most cases, customers try a single brand and stick to it because of these marketing stories. But in reality, most countries regulate vaping products. They need proper licenses and safety standards to be even sold.

If you find a company whose products are approved by proper authorities, you can use their e-liquids without any issues. This means that you can pursue your flavor and get something you like. Don’t stick to one brand just because you feel insecure about trying something else.

Getting Too Much Juice? Very Possible

Another marketing pitch you can often hear is, “there are limitations on how much and how often you can vape.” This isn’t true. Yes, vaping is safer than smoking, there are far less dangerous chemicals, it can be used for quitting smoking, and there is no combustion.

Still, it doesn’t mean you should have a free pass to vape continuously throughout the whole day. First of all, if you use vape juice with nicotine, you can easily overdose on nicotine. Even if you are nicotine-free, there are side-effects.

Vaping too much could lead to loss of taste. You can overburden your tongue nerves that are in charge of taste. You won’t be able to taste the flavor of the juice or food. The goal is to enjoy vaping comfortably, not to turn it into a compulsive disorder.

Bottom Line

Again, our friends at are all about transparency and giving customers proper guidance and products that suit their needs. The industry should be honest with its customers. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions, and they will help you get the setup you need.

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