Growing Cannabis at Home

Monday, July 13th, 2020

Most states are legalizing the use of recreational and medicinal marijuana. As the previous ban on the consumption of any marijuana products declines, most marijuana companies are selling marijuana seeds to commercial and domestic farmers.

Before indulging into the farming of weed on your farm, you need to have factual data to determine if the venture is worthwhile. The following articles will give you insights into the considerations and advantages of growing your weed.

Factors to consider before growing cannabis

Is legal in your country

Most states are opposing the legalization of the use of marijuana. If the governing government in your country does not allow the growth of the cannabis ensure you don’t attempt. But if it is legal to grow and consume the cannabis products, you can conveniently grow the products in your farm or private garden. You can order for cannabis seeds from Home Grown Cannabis Company.

Type of species

They are various types of cannabis seeds that different manufacturers offer. The common species available are autoflowering cannabis seeds and feminized species. The autoflowering seeds have a shorter life cycle and are not dependent on the light spectrum to flower. The feminized seeds, on the other hand, produce only the female plants.

Also, they are an innumerable number of strains available in the market. Strains tend to differ in terms of resilient characteristics and output production. Thus you need to ensure the type of species and strain you select has the capability to thrive in the environment you want to plant. Also, some strains produce better in some soil conditions; thus, you need to consider the soil type.

Availability of light spectrum

The autoflowering cannabis seeds don’t rely on light to flower. The plants will flower at a given stage regardless of the light spectrum and intensity. While growing such plants, the need for artificial light is eradicated, and you can efficiently grow them in an outdoor environment.

Other cannabis seeds rely on the light spectrum to flower; thus, you need to have a strategy to illuminate the plants with artificial light for 24 hours.

Growing space available

The autoflowering plants don’t grow to enormous sizes, and you can comfortably grow them in areas that have minimal space. You need to consider the type of seed you want to select and ensure it can comfortably thrive in the growing space available. 

Also, it is essential to prepare the ground or pot where you wish to grow the cannabis plants. Preparation involves ensuring the soil has the required nutrients and moisture to support the growth of various species of cannabis plants.


The initial costs of growing the cannabis are tremendous high as you will incur expenses to lawn the farm, buy the seeds and maintenance costs of the crops. Also, you need to purchase pesticides to control various diseases and buy fertilizers to nourish the plants.

To be successful, you need to have an excellent budgetary allocation to ensure that you have the required money to maintain healthy crops. If you have insufficient capital, you can opt to grow the plants on a small scale.

Why are farmers opting to grow their cannabis?

  1. Gratification of needs

Growing your products is satisfying especially if you love the art of farming. Growing and nurturing your products gives you the satisfaction of producing products that are grown in the right manner. For those who smoke weed or use cannabis products for the medicinal value, they will get all the benefits from their farm.

  • No short of supply

If you are hooked to CBD products to offer relief on pain, inflammation or any other medical conditions, you understand that shortage of supply is intimidating. You can adequately meet your demands and that of your loved ones. For those who prefer a specific species, then you have the freedom to grow and enjoy its produce.

  • You can commercialize your products.

If you have surplus products on your farm, you can conveniently sell them and substitute your income. If the demand for your product is too high, you can consider going an extra mile and starting your cannabis dispensary. It is an excellent method to earn income from your garden and start your brand.

  • Quality control

Many cannabis dealers have emerged, and it is almost impossible to differentiate genuine sellers from scammers. Most untrustworthy sellers sell products that don’t have the right quantity of cannabis or products that have harmful components.

Growing your cannabis eradicates such challenges as it is possible to manipulate the quality of your products. You can control the use of harmful chemicals and use the right fertilizers. Also, you have the freedom to ensure you dry your weed in the proper manner making the final product great.

It is also possible to ensure that level of THC and CBD are of the right standards. Controlling the levels of these compounds is determined by the seeds you select. For instance, autoflowering seeds tend to have higher levels of CBD. You, as the farmer have the freedom to choose the type of species that is most favourable to your needs.

  • Cost-saving

Buying weed from various dealers is quite expensive, especially if you need to use cannabis products for a more extended period. Growing your marijuana is less costly, and you can also sell the products and increase your earnings.

Although the start-up cost of farm preparation and growing of the seeds might be high, you will enjoy the benefits of the products for long periods.

Bottom Line

Growing your cannabis products is the best way to ensure that you get quality products. You have the advantage of providing you don’t run out of stock, especially if you are using the CBD products for various medical conditions. If you are an investor, it means your future is not limited as you can grow the products for commercial purposes and increase your earnings while building your cannabis dispensary.

However, if you want to be a thriving cannabis farmer, ensure you select the best seeds and the right strains. Growing in favourable conditions will make your plants to thrive and produce massive outputs in the long run.

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