Combining Cannabinoids with Organic Oils – What are the Benefits

Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

If you use cannabinoids on a regular basis then you understand just how beneficial they can be to your health and well-being. But what if there was a way you could boost their effectiveness? What if you could achieve even better results when using cannabinoids, especially in terms of pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress relief?

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This is where organic oils enter into the picture, being touted by many as the perfect complement to cannabinoids. But what exactly are the benefits, and which combinations work best? Here’s a closer look.

Why Is It the Perfect Marriage?

As more and more research continues to be done and is released, it’s becoming clear that there is a strong and positive relationship between CBD and essential oils. On their own, each one can provide a multitude of benefits and can treat a variety of issues and ailments. It just makes sense that by combining the two you can create more targeted solutions and responses that are specific to a person’s needs. With that said, it helps to be selective in the essential oils being used.

Essential oils have long since been touted to help alleviate pain, depression, and anxiety, they can help encourage better sleep, help with skincare, and even help with digestion. These are all very similar claims that cannabinoids are capable of.

What are the Best Blends?

So, what are the best blends and combinations? Obviously, this will be dependent on a person’s ailments and needs, but there are a few essential oils that combine exceptionally well with cannabinoids.

Some of the best essential oils to use include lavender, peppermint oil, rosemary, lemongrass, chamomile, and grapefruit. The list can go on from there, but these are typically the ones that are reached for the most often. Each one has its own unique response and result when combined with cannabinoids, and it can vary from person to person.

Should You Make the Concoction Yourself?

If you’ve made the decision that you want to try combining essential oils with CBD, you may be tempted to do it yourself. The problem is you need to be sure you are getting the measurements just right in order to be effective and that the products themselves are high quality and will deliver results.

A good option is to find pre-blended products that have done all the work for you. As Minny Grown – Consciously Crafted Hemp makes clear, quality really matters. Making sure you hold out for high-quality products means you will be getting the maximum results possible, and the most bang for your buck. Look for a product that clearly lists all the ingredients on the label, uses organic products, and states where it has been made. You want to make an educated purchase.

Start Enjoying the Benefits First Hand

So, if you’ve been a fan of essential oils and or cannabinoids and see great results with each product separately, you may want to look into how combining the two can really boost your results overall.

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