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Getting started with dry herb vaporizers

Thursday, June 25th, 2020
dry herb

A dry herb vaporizer is a device that is used to create vapors containing cannabis plant materials. The finely cut up material is heated by the vaporizer and then inhaled. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy cannabis but are looking for an alternative to smoking or other methods of consumption, such as edibles.

You will find that there are varieties of different dry herb vaporizers available, with each having its own benefits.  In general, a dry herb vaporizer will offer you better experiences, and save you from wasting cannabis. Which vaporizer you choose will depend on your own preferences, but all of them provide the same functionality.

It is said that consuming cannabis through a dry herb vaporizer is healthier than smoking it through a joint. Vaporizers do not rely on combustion, therefore you will not be exposed to dangerous toxins. The heating and the evaporating of the terpenes and the cannabinoids by a vaporizer means that your intake of cannabis will be of a healthier and more enjoyable experience.

You will need to choose between a portable or a desktop vaporizer. You can find dry herb vaporizers in both types, so you have to decide which type of device you want to purchase. In the UK there are a number of e-shops with a range of devices available. Just jump on Google and do a quick search for something like dry herb vaporizer uk, and you’ll see a good set of results to look through.

If you plan to do most of your vaping at home in your own environment, then a desktop dry herb vaporizer will be your best bet. These types of vaporizers require a power source and will be a lot heavier and larger than a portable device. However, they do hold more herb than portable devices, so if you are looking to enjoy some longer vaping sessions, then they are ideal. As they are more advanced than vape pens, you can also enjoy larger hits with them.

Portable dry herb vaporizers, or pen vapes as they are also known, are much smaller and portable. They could easily slip inside your pocket, and are not larger than a thick felt tip pen. These are great if you are out and about frequently and want to enjoy vaping in different locations, not just in your house.

There are a few disadvantages with portable vaporizers, with one of the biggest downfalls is that the battery will need charging after each session. If you are able to, it’s good to have a couple of fully charged spare batteries, so if you are out and need to vape, simply swap the dead battery for a charged one, and you are good to go.

Once you have made your decision about whether you want a desktop or portable vaporizer, the next step is to decide if you want a convection of conduction one. These two types relate to the method of heating, and the resulting flavours and experience from the vaping.

Conduction vaporizers heat up the dry herb via direct contact on the heating plate. When the cannabis flower connects with the hot plate, it combusts and creates the vapor cloud. One downfall of this method is that sometimes, part of the cannabis material may overheat in the chamber of the vaporizer.

Convection heating is slightly different and the cannabis flower is not combusted, as the vaporizer will distribute hot air over the herb when you take a hit. Because convection heating provides the user with more temperature control, you will not get the burnt cannabis taste when you vape. In addition, you can vape with different types of cannabis, as you can adjust the temperature of the heating accordingly.

If you want to enjoy cannabis through vaping, then the dry herb models offer many more benefits over the regular type of consumption. Most users of dry herb devices have noticed a significantly better taste of cannabis when compared to smoking it. Another benefit is that the cannabis aroma is a lot weaker when inhaled with a vaporizer. If you are someone who enjoys cannabis, but not the smell, then a dry herb vaporizer will be a godsend.

Vaping cannabis will reduce the amount of benzene and carbon monoxide that you inhale, leading to a much healthier and enjoyable experience.

If you are ready to take the plunge and purchase a dry herb vaporizer, then spend a few hours doing a little research online to find out which device and model will be best suited for your use. The main things to decide are whether you want a desktop or portable vaporizer, and then the type of heating that the vaporizer will produce. Once you’ve decided on those two aspects, then it will be a lot easier to narrow down the options and find a vaporizer that is perfect.

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