Try a CBD soak to take your bathtime relaxation to a new level

Friday, May 29th, 2020
cbd soak

Since time immemorial, a hot bath has been about more than just washing. There is nothing quite like it for relaxing, easing those tense muscles and soaking away the cares of a busy life. There is also a long history of enhancing the experience by using more than just hot water. Cleopatra was famous for bathing in milk, and the latest craze in some circles is to immerse yourself in red wine. But could cannabis provide the ultimate bathtime?

You might think that a cannabis bathtime experience means ordering yourself your favourite kush, filling the tub and sparking up while you recline and soak away your troubles. However, that’s not necessarily the best idea. For one thing, you’re liable to end up bathing in ash, but more to the point, you might get a little too relaxed. After all, couch lock is a minor inconvenience, but bath lock could be dangerous. 

A CBD bath

A better way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis in the bath is with a CBD soak. CBD doesn’t have the psychotropic properties of THC, so it does not deliver a high in the same way as smoking a joint. However, CBD has proven benefits and taking a bath with some CBD-infused bath salts can be the ideal way to experience them.

Cindy Capobianco is cofounder of the Lord Jones CBD brand. She says a CBD bath is “the ultimate restorative reset” after a hard day at work, or perhaps a strenuous session in the gym. 

Delivering the benefits

There are numerous ways to experience CBD, through tinctures, creams and so on. But a CBD bath arguably delivers the biggest punch. For one thing, the heat of the water improves CBD’s well-known anti-inflammatory properties. Dissolving it in water and then soaking in it also expedites the process of absorption through the pores into the skin and bloodstream. 

But even more than that, lying in a hot bath is a relaxing and enjoyable experience in itself. Adding CBD serves to make it even better. CBD is not the miraculous cure-all that some people try to suggest, but it does deliver positive results to many of the body’s different systems. As well as its physical benefits, it helps combat anxiety, insomnia and stress – the perfect addition to a calming and therapeutic bath.

Choosing a CBD bath salt

As with all CBD products, the most important rule is choose a known brand with a good reputation. Lack of FDA regulation in the CBD market means there are products out there of indifferent quality being sold by charlatans who are only interested in making a quick buck. 

Seek an organic product that features essential oils as opposed to synthetic fragrance and hemp-derived CBD. Also look out for certification by the US Hemp Authority.  

Taking precautions 

If you have sensitive skin, it is advisable to dilute a small amount in water and apply it to a test area of before immersing yourself in a CBD bath for the first time, just as you would before using anything new.

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