4 Ways to Take Your CBD to the Next Level

Saturday, May 23rd, 2020
next level

You deserve to have CBD methods that match your personal style. Though taking CBD regularly is in no way “lame,” there’s no reason to not take it to the next level and have an elevated way of taking it! Why settle for less? CBD products are now found in many corner shops and large, mainstream shopping companies. The point is, if there are so many options, why not buy CBD products with a little flair to them? As you are making your way down the aisle or scrolling online, it can be difficult to know where to start. CBD can be taken in all kinds of ways now, so don’t feel like you are limited. In this process, you are fully able to get creative! Here are 4 places for you to begin looking as you begin your CBD journey.


Take your tincture experience to the next level by not being afraid to try some things out. Tincture goes great under the tongue (sublingually) but did you know it can also be added to almost anything you can eat or drink? Take your tincture – any flavor or non-flavor will do and drop some in! Top your favorite meals and desserts with some glorious tincture. For example, a nice slice of pie with kiwi lychee tincture, or a burger with some non-flavored tincture will be sneaky yet tasteful ways to get in your CBD serving. 

Better yet, you can add it to your drinks. Think about adding it to your smoothies, teas, and coffee as well! Think about it…a lemonade with a little strawberry tincture, or tea with lemon tincture. Any combination is 100% up to you and can be a fun way to experiment and find your way of adding CBD to your life. The thing is – it dissolves into almost anything. So when you want to get your CBD in, it can be a flavorful way that you created!

Vape Pens

CBD vape pens come in all different colors and sizes now. Why not use one that has a colorway that suits your outfit that day? A coordinated outfit can mean someone who is on top of things and has a good eye when it comes to design. Now that’s what I call taking CBD to the next level. This, with an amazing taste, coupled with a sleek design can send it over the top. This is one of the best ways to enjoy your CBD.

The compact size makes it easy to take with you wherever your life takes you. The way it hits is the same as any other vape. It’s smooth and tastes great without getting overheated. CBD won’t get you high, but you will definitely feel your brain relax, as CBD targets anxiety and depression. Hit it anywhere and enjoy your day! You won’t ever feel embarrassed taking yours out – in fact you’ll probably want friends to check it out, since it’s personalized by you and fits so perfectly with your aesthetic. 


It’s not a hidden fact that we all love soft skin. The feeling and look of nourished skin with the added hint of softness is a standard of confidence the world can agree on. Did you realize the CBD lotion can create the same amount of essential minerals and oils and softness but with an added element of pain relief? There aren’t many lotions out there that will help with all three – most don’t think of using CBD cream for pain but it does the trick. It happens because the CBD penetrates the top skin layer and travels down, into the area you are being inflicted with pain. Now that the technical stuff is over, let’s get into the fun parts. 

The cooling menthol is going to make your skin feel amazing, but you’ll also walk around with a fresh aroma all day. Perfect for a quick lotion after the gym to walk by the cute girl at the front desk or a freshen up at work – you don’t need to have pain to try CBD lotion. This can also double as a great gift for older family members as well (you’re welcome).


CBD doesn’t have to only be for your tastebuds! Just like the lotion, skincare can be infused with CBD to make your experience even more top-tier and extravagant. Boasting with essential minerals and oils, CBD skincare lines offer what name brand skin lines offer, but with an added ingredient of organic CBD. This added element calms the facial skin and reduces redness and the appearance of fine lines. The reason being, CBD is an anti-inflammatory naturally, so the redness on your facial skin is no match for purely-derived CBD. 

You’ll come to find CBD skincare products are really well made. They are direct competitors with the highest esteemed brands because CBD is a natural compound that boasts impressive attributes. It reduces oil, evens skin tone, and adds moisture to the skin. What’s spectacular is CBD works well with all skin types! 

These few ways are great options as you are looking for ways to take your CBD to the next level. Get creative with your favorite plant compound and create methods that work best for you and your lifestyle!

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