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How to Buy Options on Marijuana Stocks

Friday, May 22nd, 2020
marijuana stocks

Marijuana stocks are quickly becoming a very interesting possibility for many investors as the New York Stock Exchange and Dow Jones Averages have been in constant fluctuation in the first part of the year. There has clearly been upheaval in certain markets, and there has also been some excellent buying opportunities for stocks that have historically been very consistent in maintaining value. The outlook also appears elusive as well during this uncertain time in the nation’s history.

How to Buy Options on Marijuana Stocks

Global Impact

Luckily for the marijuana investors is the fact that they can buy marijuana options based on global activity and growth potential as some countries like Canada have actually made recreational marijuana use legal across the entire country. And there is a definite possibility national legalization could occur in the United States as well beyond the medical marijuana allowance in the several states that exist now. This would further enhance potential investment returns and could be an encouraging turn of events for all marijuana investors, including those new to the process.

How to Invest in Marijuana Stocks

The first step in marijuana stock investment is identifying companies and corporations that are already working in the industry and showing signs of growth. The major players are easily the most consistent and secure at this particular point for marijuana investors because they have weathered the storm during the initial decade following legalization of some type. Medical marijuana allowance opened the door for establishing investment opportunities and building the industry, and further legalization will open the market up exponentially. However, there are still some components of the industry where problems are being seen and investment may not provide the return investors are anticipating.

Researching Marijuana Investment Companies

Researching companies for solid marijuana industry growth can be challenging in the current marketplace, but there are several options trading publications that can help significantly in the process. According to Money Morning, “Options let you yield bigger – and faster – profits than you’d get from only buying and selling stocks, and do so while paying just a fraction of the price of shares. And you can do it with low risk.” Pinpointing the top 2% of options available can be done through researching these online tools that can set the stage for an effective option investment strategy. Canadian availability is an example of a solid alternative because the national legal status means less detailed oversight of investment opportunities. The possibility for government intervention in any stage of production in the U.S. creates uncertainty for many particular operations as production companies and retailers are not the only potential stock investments.

Getting Informed

Being well-versed and informed on trends in the marijuana market can be a vital component of understanding how to invest in the emerging market that shows no signs of slowing down as individual states in the U.S. consider recreational legalization. Along with the District of Columbia, there are eleven states that allow legal recreational marijuana use. They are:

  • California
  • Washington
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Vermont
  • Colorado
  • Alaska

In addition, the territories of the Mariana Islands and Guam have also legalized recreational marijuana. Sixteen states have decriminalized possession of marijuana in small amounts, but they have not legalized the actual sales which is essential to successful stock option investment in the market.

These are all important elements of a solid overall and balanced investment strategy in marijuana stock option purchases.

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