4 Tips For Hiring A Master Grower

Thursday, March 12th, 2020
master grower

As global attitudes towards cannabis begin to shift and legalization becomes the norm, a wave of entrepreneurs are striving to take advantage of this golden opportunity.


From cannabis marketing to distribution and sales, there are a number of ways for entrepreneurs to find their way into this burgeoning industry, but perhaps the most challenging of these is cultivation. Cultivators have to deal with harsh governmental regulations, difficult business to business transactions and serious security concerns, all while producing top quality products.


One of the first, and most challenging, steps to starting cannabis cultivation is hiring a Master Grower. This is a make or break moment. Master growers can lead your business to High Times Cannabis Cup victories and the millions of dollars in sales that come with it, or they can lead your business to financial ruin by producing sub-par products in a highly competitive market.


If you need some help deciding who to hire as your Master Grower, these 4 tips should help get you started:


Botanical and Management Experience


In 2020, the cannabis industry is big business and that means highly educated candidates are a must when hiring a master grower. Many of the top master growers have degrees in Botany which means they know the ins and outs of the chemical interactions that occur during cannabis growth.


Botanists make great master growers, but a master grower doesn’t need to have a degree. Many top growers don’t have formal education, rather they have learned through a long career in the industry. That means they excel not just at the botanical aspects of the job, but also at the management and organizational aspects.


Master Growers are often in charge of high tech labs with dozens of employees or more. That means they need to be much more than just botanists, they need to be managers.


Make Sure They Have In-Depth Industry Experience


Master growers need to have experience. When something goes wrong, it pays to have someone who has seen it all before. Whether you hire someone with a degree or not, it’s vital your candidate has in-depth industry experience.
There are a number of horror stories within the cannabis industry of first-time master growers leading their employers to financial ruin. Experience matters in cannabis cultivation. The best growers—like Triple Seven who won So-Cal’s Cannabis Cup for its Indica strain—are older, have years of experience, and use state of the art technology in their operations.


Do they Know Software?


In 2020, every cannabis cultivation that is worth its weight in salt has quality industry-specific seed to sale software, which means master growers have to be techies too.
Managing complex enterprise resource planning software as well as automatic lighting, watering, temperature control, humidity control, etc. is a technically demanding task. Your master growers should not only be familiar with these systems and how to control them, but they should have a preference for which software they personally like to use.


Finding out if your master grower candidates have the required technical knowledge is crucial before finalizing a hire.


Hire A Recruiter

If all else fails, you may want to hire a recruiter. In the past this wasn’t an option for the cannabis industry, thankfully these days there are executive search firms, which specialize in finding qualified candidates for executive positions, like master growers.


Companies like Trupath, even provide tips on how to hire the perfect master grower. Finding an organization like this with some experience hiring master growers is a great way to find qualified candidates fast.


All in all, finding a master grower in 2020 is easier than ever. Still, because of the positions increasing qualification standards and the industry’s borderline legality, it can be difficult to find qualified candidates. Hopefully, these four tips will help you get started down the right path toward finding a genius master grower who will take your business to the next level.

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