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Cannabis SEO Trends That Will Make It Big In 2020

Thursday, February 20th, 2020
seo trends

Cannabis marketing is quite different from promoting any other product online, primarily because of the bad reputation that it initially had. But the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis has changed the industry landscape to a significant extent. The market continues to flourish now and the opportunities for the sellers are immense, provided that they take the right approach to digital marketing. The idea is to get creative enough to grab the attention of prospective customers in this competitive domain. Also, there are some cannabis SEO trends that you must follow to stay ahead in the race. Let us list them out for you.

Invest in creating customer profiles

The core of SEO lies in knowing your target audience and creating the right kind of content that engages them. Further, you need to optimize the content with relevant keywords they are likely to search and ensure that it is distributed across the right channels where you can reach them. Everything boils down to building your buyer personas, which is challenging for this industry. There are diverse customer profiles across different age groups and there are people who take medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. So you must absolutely invest efforts in building customer profiles.

Focus on an educational narrative

With diverse brands, products, and regulations in the cannabis market, delivering educational content becomes the key to success. Ideally, your marijuana seo strategy should prioritize content that has the storytelling approach and educates the customers at the same time. There is so much that you can include in the narrative, from how cannabis is grown, to the best way to consume it, to the ideal dosage, and the local laws. Informative content can earn you a position on the top of search engine rankings and make your brand a credible one as well.

Create a seamless omnichannel user experience

Online selling is all about building a presence across all the channels so that consumers can find you everywhere and connect with you anywhere. The rule applies to cannabis SEO as well. Ensure that your website is fully responsive so that it renders seamless experiences across the web and mobile channels. Since mobile is a channel that a majority of consumers use to access brands these days, you cannot afford to miss on mobile experiences.

Focus on branding

When it comes to marijuana digital marketing, sellers need to focus on establishing their brand rather than just selling their products. The idea is to have a website that excels in look and feel and replicates the physical presence of your brand. For example, the logo and theme colors should be the same across all your promotional campaigns. Similarly, you also need to maintain consistency in the tone of voice so that the customers can relate to your brand. Remember to build a human connection with the consumers and you will surely be able to win the search ranking game.

Following these key SEO trends can definitely strengthen the online presence of your marijuana brand. It is best to collaborate with experts who specialize in this field and can handle your campaign successfully.

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