What is Vaping and Why Many People are Doing It

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

People around the world love doing hobbies and vices. In the present, alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs are the most popular vices for the public. Alcohol and cigarettes are permitted by the majority of countries worldwide, but drugs are branded as illegal. Too much consumption of alcohol and cigarettes could have a detrimental effect on the body, and experts are advising the public to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes in moderation, or much better, abandon the habit completely. However, the addicting properties of alcohol and cigarettes would make it more difficult to quit—until vaping was introduced. Vaping quickly captured the interest of the public, especially those who love to smoke.

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What is vaping?

Vaping is an activity that requires the use of an e-cigarette and flavored juice. It has become popular in the past decade because of its healthier effects compared to smoking. Teenagers and young adults are the largest percentages of people who are using vapes, mostly to impress their peers. Vaping can also become a form of entertainment, especially when the person who is using it knows a lot of tricks. The trick would require the formation of smoke emitted by the device into many shapes and sizes. Through the years, vaping has seen a rise in popularity, and the demand for the device keeps on increasing.

How does it work?

Vaping works by putting the flavored juice inside an e-cigarette. It will transform the juice into a smoke that is filled with flavors. It is similar to shisha, which is practiced by Middle Eastern people. Cigarette smokers have seen a similarity between smoking and vaping, and they too made the switch. Many vaping devices also come with an instruction manual to give first-time users an idea of how it works. First-time users should also know that there are many types of vapes in the market, including wax vaporizers that are usually mixed with cannabis and other unusual flavors that might taste bad for others.

Is it better than smoking?

Vaping has become an alternative to smoking, and many users are stating that it helped them quit the dangerous vice. According to the experts, vaping does not have the same components found in cigarettes that cause cancer, but they advise the users to vape in moderation. Excessive vaping is also bad for health because there is a chance for vapor to build up inside the lungs. Nevertheless, vaping is safer than smoking, and those who want to quit smoking cigarettes should try out this activity.

Do vapers miss smoking? What are the things that they miss the most?

Some vapers miss smoking and researchers point out that the number of people who miss smoking is increasing. Most reasons stated by these people would be the difference when it comes to the flavors; they said that a cigarette’s flavor is much better. They also said that the experience is different when comparing the two. Vaping is a great activity for them, but it lacks the real flavors that they are expecting.

Why a lot of people are vaping in the present

One of the reasons why many people start to vape is because of its healthier effects compared to cigarettes. People were told that vaping is a healthier option, and it caused them to quit smoking and choose the latter. Experts believe that more people will quit smoking in the future in favor of vaping.

What are the most important vaping terms that you need to remember?

  • 510 – also referred to as eGo, this is one of the most popular vape batteries
  • Analog – this term refers to traditional tobacco or cigarettes
  • APV – an acronym that stands for Advanced Personal Vaporizer
  • ADV – an acronym that stands for an all-day-vape
  • Atomizer – the component of the device that vaporizes the liquid juice, turning it to vapor
  • Clone – refers to an e-cigarette knock-off
  • Cloud Chasing – an activity where vapers try to create the largest vape clouds
  • Coil – a part within the atomizer that causes the liquid to heat up
  • Dripping – transferring the juice to the device
  • Flooding – it happens when too much juice is placed inside the device
  • Tanks – a container that holds the vape juice
  • Wick-it delivers the juice to the coil to heat up easily

Vaping might be the wave of the future. Those who smoke cigarettes seem to be switching over. Many might be switching because of curiosity, but many because of the health reasons mentioned above.

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