Why Are CBD Edibles Becoming So Popular?

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

It seems a bit counterintuitive to begin an article about CBD edibles and their popularity by explaining what a CBD edible is, but it’s a bad habit to assume. So, for those (very, very) few who don’t know, CBD edibles are colourful, delicious, bite-sized CBD parcels wrapped in a plethora of fun exteriors. But to be serious, a CBD edible is, as the name suggests, when the compound CBD (Cannabidiol) is combined with some form of foodstuff that is intended to be ingested.

Food, in itself, is an extremely popular thing, and so it would make sense to assume that the combination of food (popular) and CBD (the trendiest thing around, and also popular) would be ultra super popular.  And, indeed, it is. The edibles market is expanding rapidly, to say the least. The edibles sector in CBD product sales alone is anticipated to hit $4.1 billion in 2019. And as CBD can be added to basically any food out there, projected growth into the future is all but assumed.

But CBD edibles are not simply popular from the fact that they exist, but for a number of reasons relating (but not limited) to: health and science, cultural acceptance, alternative medicine, and safety. In fact, many of the reasons mentioned above cannot be easily separated from each other, and must be considered at least in some respect in tandem. So if we take a look at each separately, their connections will emerge.

All of these reasons all speak in one way or another about our current cultural climate, and so CBD edibles might just indicate a wider cultural trend as a whole. So read on to uncover the real reasons so many of us are stashing CBD gummies in our desks at work.

Are CBD Edibles Safe?

It is becoming more and more apparent that the general public is warming to CBD overall, which indicates that, at long last, the distinction between CBD and THC has finally been established in the public eye. And, along with this, CBD edibles have distinguished themselves from potentially harmful THC edibles. This has happened for a number of reasons, including widespread CBD legalization and it’s non-psychoactive, non-addictive, effects. In fact, there is an abundance of information surrounding edibles and legalization online covering a wide range of subtopics, from whether CBD gummies are legal in the UK to the benefits of edibles for your pets.

So what is the difference between CBD edibles and THC edibles? As is probably apparent, the difference between these two types of edibles comes down to the difference between the compounds of CBD and THC. Molecularly, THC and CBD are the same, but arranged differently. This arrangement is what accounts for the different effects the two have on the body.

Where THC binds to cannabinoid receptors in the brain, producing a sense of euphoria or ‘high’, CBD binds much more weakly, and as such, CBD is defined as a non-psychoactive substance. THC, however, is a psychoactive substance. The potential effects of the psychoactive components of THC have always been a contentious issue, and many countries still brand THC as illegal and potentially dangerous. CBD, on the other hand, has been widely legalized in the West. This legalization indicates that CBD, and CBD edibles, are safe for the public to buy and use publicly.

CBD Edibles as Alternative Medicine

One of the many inescapable reasons CBD edibles are so popular is because they mix fun (eating) with the established trend of alternative medicine. The not so recent cultural leaning towards alternative medicine has too many reasons to name all of them here, but the overall feel of reaching for alternative medicines indicates a growing skepticism and lack of trust in traditional methods. This in itself could have many causes, including the price of medications, the lack of concrete results, Big Pharma, and of course the rise of the internet, making discussions about alternative methods (and conspiracy theories) possible on a global scale.

CBD edibles, in their usually adorable and delicious forms, combat much of this negativity. CBD edibles such as gummy bears are marketed to be something like a chewable vitamin that battles not just our biological deficiencies, but our stresses and anxieties, our aches and pains, with excellent reason. Many CBD products perfectly highlight the way in which this trend has combined food and CBD as legitimate medicine. And with your daily dose of CBD, you can be assured that what you are ingesting is natural, organic, and doesn’t need to be prescribed by your doctor. CBD does not cause any obvious side effects, and can be used safely in the long-term without causing addiction and dependence, in stark contrast to many prescribed medications that have been used to treat similar health issues. CBD’s health benefits are numerous, popular, and may very well be working their way towards verification.

The CBD edible falls nicely into the lap of alternative medicine because of how easy it is to regulate dosage, and, above other forms of CBD intake like smoking, does not have the same adverse effects. Every edible is infused with the exact same amount of CBD, which means the user can cultivate a concrete knowledge of how much they need to achieve their desired results, and don’t have to fix one problem by potentially causing another. There is a rising trend of taking CBD as a supplement with incredibly effective, subtler products, perfect for any beginner, to stronger supplements, for novices who want to explore everything CBD has to offer.

CBD Edibles and Popular Health/Science

Following on from this, CBD edibles are backed by increasing amounts of scientific and health related facts and research that furthers their popularity. For one, the way that the CBD is absorbed into the system when ingested is popular and well known. The CBD enters the bloodstream after being broken down by the stomach. As such, edibles are absorbed slowly and produce a longer lasting, subtle effect.

This subtle and longer lasting effect compared to smoking, vaping, or ingesting sublingually seems to have captured our collective consciousness, spurring a wave of internet literature around the best ways to use CBD in cooking. Not only can CBD be incorporated easily into our increasingly busy routines, but the elongated effects are ideal for a workplace, daytime environment. And, with studies that indicate the benefits of using CBD edibles (like gummies) for treating anxiety, depression, aches and pains, restlessness, and lack of focus, it is no wonder that edibles specifically have become so popular in the office.

From a perfect cup of CBD coffee, a delicious CBD infused cookie, or sweetening your CBD infused nighttime tea with CBD infused honey, there are innumerable ways to feast your heart and soul on CBD, no matter what your tastes.

CBD Edibles and Cultural Acceptability

Maybe the ease with which we can incorporate edibles into our lives hints at the bigger issue, that of cultural acceptability, and CBD edibles have it. Edibles have become more accepted than other forms of ingestion, surely. They cater to all tastes and don’t have the same stigma as smoking or vaping. Anyone can do it, and you don’t need to be discreet whilst partaking in this addition to the trend of wellness we see all around us, all the time.

There are continually emerging ways to ingest CBD, but not just in terms of products, but also institutions that exude cultural acceptability. Take the rise on CBD restaurants, or CBD cafes/bars, for example. These places epitomise so many of our cultural values: safety, connection of family and friends, communion, and evermore prominently, healthy living as ‘good’ living. And there are many chefs, like Andrea Drummer for example, preaching with utter conviction, leading the way to the promiseland.

By indicating the crucial link between what we eat and how we feel and how healthy we are, Drummer and others are creating spaces where the combination of culture, health, science, alternative medicine, and safety can harmoniously exist. And, at the center of this perfect cultural storm sits your CBD infused latte, or soup, or whatever you fancy. And as we delicately sip or scarf down our CBD edibles, we do so in the comforting knowledge that we are nourishing not only our bodies, but our minds and souls as well.


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