Hark! Vaping Myths Busted!

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

We all have read something or the other about vaping at some point of our life. There have been lots of pros and cons of vaping described in details by every other site on the internet. There are also loads of rumours about vaping in general. We tend to believe almost all of them and never try out the experience of vaping because of those fabricated beliefs.

The theories on vaping have been numerous! This also consists of certain myths associated with it. Some call it dangerous than smoking, and others regard it as an expensive luxury which we can’t afford! With the growing popularity of vaping, it becomes important to bust all the myths related to it.

Some Vaping myths and the corresponding reality check:

Nowadays with the increase in the influence of social media, any news crosses boundaries faster than a wink. So do the vaping myths too. It’s not practical to believe them without having researched properly on the subject. Today, let’s clear out the fog around vaping.

o   Vaping is smoking — There’s a common presumption that vaping is actually smoking. It may be because of the fact that in both the procedures smoke is given out, or perhaps because vapes are often termed as e-cigarettes. This is actually not at all true! Vaping is entirely different from smoking, and couldn’t be tagged the same. From the inclusions of an e-cigarette to the procedure required in carrying out the entire vaping and smoking process, there is no common ground between the two. Therefore, assuming vaping as smoking can be entirely wrong.

o   Vaping can be really expensive — Just because it’s a newly practised trend, it doesn’t mean vaping can be expensive. Some people consider the expenses of buying a vape, then an e-liquid, and such other essentials for it to be costly, and therefore prefer smoking in comparison. In reality, it’s available in all budgets starting from the disposable ones which really cost less to the desktops ones which are considered as luxury vapes. You can buy the ones suitable for you from the Best Vape Shop in London UK, like Lontech, which offers a wide range of vaping essentials and vapes in all budgets, and also deliver them at your doorstep for better convenience.

o   Vaping consists of tobacco smoking — Vaping is often associated with tobacco smoking as it’s indirectly compared to a cigarette (which consists of large amount of tobacco). In reality, there’s no necessary inclusion of tobacco in vapes. And it doesn’t at all depend on tobacco to give the vapers a fulfilling experience.



o   Vaping is harmful for health — We often think that vaping can be harmful to human health. There are also some myths of associating it to be the sole reason of cancer and tuberculosis. Actually, vaping good e-liquids like CBD can be really beneficial for health. In reality, vaping can be really advantageous, as it helps in overcoming chain smoking too.

o   Vaping is addictive —There is still a lot of hesitation in starting vaping by many because of the assumption that it’s addictive. Well, in reality, vaping can be as casual practice as having a food at a restaurant once in a while. Apart from some vapers who vape nicotine (which is slightly addictive), there’s no such case observed where vapes can cause you any kind of addiction.

o   Vaping is illegal— Lots of people avoid vaping because of the fear that it may be illegal, and can lead to penalisation from the State. However, vaping has been legalised in almost all parts of the world, and there is no punishment for using them.

o   Vaping can be done in a particular place only — Previously, only desktop vapes were commonly used, and thus the myth started that it’s to be enjoyed only at a particular place. But with its growing popularity and demand, there have been inventions of numerous types of vapes, like pen vapes, portable vapes, vaping pods, etc. And these vapes can be carried anywhere and can be used anytime too.

o   Vaping means hassle — We often consider activating a vaping device as difficult and troublesome. While in reality, it doesn’t require much effort. The desktop ones are always connected to power and just need switching on a button. The same goes for the portable ones. It just needs refilling of e-juice in it, which actually isn’t much of a task.

These are some of the myths that are preventing a lot of chain smokers to quit smoking with the help of vaping. Vaping can actually be a great way to de-stress and unwind yourself, while enjoying a satisfying experience too.

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