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How CBD Effectively Treats Parkinson’s

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019
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annabidiol, or CBD, is fast revolutionizing modern medicine. This compound, one of more than 100 found in cannabis plants, offers an array of proven therapeutic benefits. For patients with Parkinson’s disease, this is especially good news. Although nobody is touting it as a cure, is CBD safe? It is certainly able to help relieve some of the symptoms associated with this debilitating condition.



What is Parkinson’s Disease?


Parkinson’s is a nasty disease that affects the central nervous system. It is neurodegenerative, which means that it gets progressively worse over time. Although its symptoms begin gradually, it seriously affects movement. Characterized by loss of muscle control, stiffness, trembling, and lack of balance, eventually patients lose the ability to speak or even walk around. There is no cure.


Doctors typically recommend surgery to patients in an attempt to regulate areas of the brain responsible for some of the worst symptoms, like immobility and speech loss. This is a drastic approach with very little benefit for most. Symptoms include tremors, speech issues, writing problems, loss of involuntary movements, slowed movement, muscle rigidity, and impaired balance and posture.


How CBD Works


Using CBD to manage and treat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease is still a novel idea for most patients. However, recent studies show CBD actually treating many associated symptoms, including psychosis, depression, impaired mobility, and even sleep disturbances. CBD is one cannabinoid of many. Extracted into oils, it is non-psychoactive and, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, cannot make you “high.”


This is why CBD is so promising for treatment since it patients can use without buzzing. It works in tandem with our body’s own endocannabinoid system, which regulates most functions, from sleep to mood, appetite, temperature, and more. It interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors. This increases dopamine levels in the brain and inhibits a myriad of symptoms associated with the disease.


According to a study published in 2017 in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, CBD specifically blocks the GPR6 receptor, identified as responsible for impaired mobility in Parkinson’s patients. Another study also showed promising results, proving CBD extremely effective at improving quality of life by providing relief from some of the most trying symptoms of this disorder.


Benefits of CBD for Parkinson’s


CBD is growing in popularity across the world, especially in medical and health and wellness communities. Many studies confirm it capable of treating various ailments, such as neuropathic pain, inflammation, and anxiety, and research is ongoing with much-excited fervor. Some of the benefits of treating Parkinson’s disease with CBD include:


●       Improves Sleep


Sleep issues are a common side effect of Parkinson’s disease. Patients struggle to fall asleep, usually lying awake anxiously, or they sleep all the time. When patients sleep better, they feel better, and CBD can certainly improve sleep, as proven in many studies already.


●       Relieves Psychosis


Symptoms of psychosis develop as Parkinson’s disease progresses. Patients actually suffer vivid hallucinations and have difficulty separating reality from them. Research shows even a small dose of CBD able to reduce the frequency and severity of hallucinations, helping patients cope better.


●       Reduces Inflammation


Prolonged inflammation can wreak havoc on the body. In Parkinson’s cases, sustained inflammation depresses the production of crucial dopamine in the brain. CBD treats the underlying brain inflammation, which increases dopamine levels and slows the progression of the disease.


●       Has Neuroprotective Properties


Because Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder, it is essential to protect the nervous system as much as possible from damage. CBD has immense neuroprotective properties, as well as being an antioxidant, which together reduces oxidative stress and slows disease progression.


Using CBD for Parkinson’s


Fortunately, using CBD is incredibly easy. You can incorporate it into your daily routine to relieve pain and help with other symptoms, especially when exercising. You can also take it every evening, or anytime that suits you. It is available in creams and lotions for targeted pain and nerve relief, but most ingest CBD oil to control tremors and make movement easier.


Whether you are using CBD for the first time or have been using it for some time already, it is paramount that you get your dosage right. Start with small doses and gradually increase them according to how it affects you, how much relief you get, and your doctor’s instructions. For Parkinson’s patients, discussing CBD therapy with your doctor is important. He or she can help you work out your ideal dose.


Final Thoughts


CBD is available in a variety of forms, from oils to creams, tinctures, flowers, edibles, and more. Science proves CBD safe for Parkinson’s patients, but everybody responds differently to treatment. You will need to factor your symptoms and their severity into your dosage and diarize your experiences to record how your body responds to using it. This will make devising a treatment plan notably easier.


Author Bio


Camilla Morgan is an experienced and professional Marketing Manager associated with “CBDSafe“. It’s a US-based Lab-tested CBD product online wholesale store. She loves to spend time with nature. In her free time, she read nature, herbs and CBD related books. And also likes to share her knowledge via writing and blogging.

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