What Is A Vape Oil Pen?

Wednesday, August 21st, 2019
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A vape pen is an electronic device that is relatively simple and fashioned from the early nicotine vapes. This pocket-sized electronic device usually has a cylindrical shape similar to the shape of a writing pen and that is why it is referred to as a pen. The device is powered by a small rechargeable battery that serves the purpose of heating your distillate/oil in the cartridge of an atomizer which contains heating oil and a wick. Through this heating process, concentrates are able to be turned into THC-filled vapor.

And with either a simple press of the button or a mouthpiece drag, the vape oil pen is able to be activated for you to get high. When you inhale either on the tank or cart, the vape pen is able to sense a pressure change which activates the device.

How to Use a Vape Oil Pen

A vape oil pen is able to be used in two easy and simple ways. First, in case your cartridge is prefilled, then you just need to fasten it onto the device and subsequently, press the button. However, in case you bought a kit with an empty cartridge, you are required to fill it with your distillate/oil. Consequently, here are a few things for you to understand before you use a vape oil pen.

  • Vape oil pens usually work with CBD concentrates, CBD Vape Juice, and cannabis oil.
    • You should ensure that your device is fully charged before you can begin to use it. Understand that a higher battery mAh rating means more life. With a fully charged battery, you will not be interrupted when vaping.
    • The cartridge should be filled in a manner that the wicking holes, which are situated in the coil housing’s outside, are covered.
    • After filling the cartridge in an appropriate manner, you should let it sit for at least 30 minutes. That is because, since the oil has a thick viscosity, it needs time to be soaked into the wick.
    • If your vape oil pen has adjustable power, you should consult with your user manual to find out the particular voltage specifications of your pen. It is a common practice that you start from the lowest voltage settings and from there, adjust upwards.
    • It is a simple fact that a cartridge, like most things, does not last forever. If you are overusing a cartridge that is exhausted, then that will yield burnt odor, bad flavor, and an overall experience that is bad. Replacing a cartridge with dropped performance and flavor helps avoid the wastage of your oil.

How to Clean a Vape Oil Pen
It is a simple task to clean and maintain a vape oil pen since it is a two-part design. The first part is the cartridge which is disposable and so, it does not require much cleaning.

The second part is the connection, and typically a vape pen has a 510-connection. The 510 included in the second name is used to convey the connection length which is5 mm and of course, the 10 threads. The 510-connection is the threading connecting to the device cartridge which contains oil. It is important that this connection remains always clean, essential for maintaining the flow of current. While the THC oil is viscous, it is still possible for a little seepage to reach in the connection. If the connection is left without being cleaned, it is possible for the device to stop working.

Cleaning the 510 connection of your device is simple because to wipe it clean, you only need to use a high-strength isopropyl and Q-tip. Understand that cleaning the thread is only meant for extending the device lifespan and not making any noticeable difference in your experience while vaping.

How to Choose a Weed Vape Pen?


A weed vape pen provides one of the most innovative ways of consuming THC. However, you should always remember that not all weed or marijuana vape pens are created equal.

In 2019, only a few Americans are in a position to access marijuana oil-filled vape pens that are clean and safe. Purchasing a weed vape pen that makes you feel comfortable is a daunting task because hash oil cartridges, not only in California but also the rest of the country, are a few years from being lab-tested to guarantee their safety. Stoners are as a result forced to purchase from the black market.

If you are looking at the wide-range of unregulated products available in the market, there are few things that you should always keep in mind. Here is some essential advice courtesy of a helping hand from Jahan Marcu, theChief Scientific Officer at Americans for Safe Access.

Purchase Battery with Low-Voltage and Adjustable Temperature Settings

According to initial studies, the hotter the vape battery gets means inhaling of even more carcinogens. According to Marcu, you should reduce your smoke exposure if you happen to have a proper vaporizer. Marcu comments that the problem though is that instead of these devices vaporizing, they are simply burning oil.

You should choose vape pen batteries packed with a less electric punch. Also, do not take long inhales which cause the pen’s electric coil to be super-hot. One recent study established that if cannabis oil is cut with additives that are popular such as propylene glycol, then it is a lot safer to use a 3.3-volt battery instead of one with over 5 volts. A higher temperature releases more formaldehyde.

Marcu is of the expert opinion that one should buy a vaporizer allowing for the adjusting of the temperature setting. Marcu says you should start from 280º but understand that when you get above 380º-400º, it means you have left the vapor zone.

Trust Your Taste Buds
When it comes to the produced flavor, your tongue is able to naturally detect those unpleasant chemicals that you should avoid consuming. If the flavor tastes bad, then that may indicate formaldehyde, on the word of Marcu. Often, you should avoid vaping anything that tastes bad.

Unfortunately, you should recognize the fact that the taste of clean cannabis oil may not rival cannabis. The simple reason is that most companies add synthetic versions, of the same cannabis organic compounds, to hash oil hoping that stoners are able to be reminded of their already known and loved pot. However, these same additives have the potential of producing carcinogens, particularly at high temperatures.

Remember That at Best All Is Educated Guesswork
The scariest thing is that we know too little about the potential health effects of using any of the available oil-filled weed vape pens. The few studies cited here essentially just identify known carcinogens that can be produced under specific temperatures. The studies do not establish how much of the produced carcinogens may be safe for vaping using china made small vaping device with an electrical coil.

I asked Marcu about his view on whether vaping weed oil may just be as bad as when one smokes cigarettes. As stated by Marcu, still there is not enough data that can be used to compare weed oil vaping with cigarette smoking. Marcu says that there is a possibility of some vaporizers being the same as smoking cigarettes. That you can expect some vaporizers to be more superior in terms of safety compared with others.

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